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maltastarlight's Character

Post  maltastarlight on Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:55 am

Real Name: Kateala Cryre
Fake Name: Miyuki Yumi
Current Alias: Baku
Real Age: 18
Apparent Age: 18
Race: Graxomite
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 108 lbs
Alignment: Hero
Class: None
Universe: DC
Nationality: Graxomite/ Japanese
Base Of Operations: The Dream Cafe
Occupation: Café Owner/ Baker
Languages: Graxomite, Japanese (Omni-lingual she can speak any language)

Appearance: In her main appearance she has yellow hair and very pale golden skin. She has blue eyes and pointed ears. For he hair style see picture below. For costume see second picture below.

She uses the same hairstyle as with her main appearance only the hair is black. Her eyes are still blue etc. Her casual clothes are below.

Background: There was a group of people that lived on Graxos 4. They lived a life with different ideals with the rest of the people. Unlike the rest of the people who used magic to fuel their technology these Moon Mystics used magic as a way of life and thus were treated differently. The Moon Mystics used their magic and poured it into a special artifact called the Moon Statue that could charge and empower moonstones placed into it that they used to give themselves power over the sleeping realm. After years of persecution they eventually decided to find a new place to call home. They eventually became stranded on odd planet called Earth. Now living in the lands of Japan they were treated as demons for their looks and their powers. Knowing this the Moon Mystics decided to hide themselves and blend in with the population.They buried their dead in a hidden cave inside of a small mountain outside of town. They watched as this land grew to what it is today. Kateela and her brother are the last of their kind and still follow the old ways. They grew up in a small village in Japan. On the Blackest Night event several black rings raised the dead of the cave including Kateela's family. She decided that she had to help the people of the village and was assisted by Captain Marvel and Red Tornado. After all was taken care of Captain Marvel recommended that she join the Justice League. Kateela decided to take him on the offer hoping to make more friends in the process. From then on she called herself by the superhero name Baku moving to Central City and opening up a cafe called The Moonlight Cafe. She now lives with her brother in the apartment above the cafe. The statue is of the moon and their goddess of the night.

Personality: She acts friendly and jokey to everyone but hides under a fake smile. Her true emotions are hidden under said smile and she is very loyal to people

Weapons and Fighting Skill: She wields a Moonstone Gem that gives them their powers.


Strength: 7 (10 in nightmare form)
Speed: 7 (10 in nightmare form)
Dexterity: 8
Durability: 3 (1 + 2)
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 9 (6 in nightmare form)
Wisdom: 8 (6 + 2) (5 in nightmare form) (3 + 2)
Charisma: 10

Powers: The amulet can lull people into a dream like state when the user engages eye contact with the foe. This allows her to manipulate the persons mind for several effects. These effects range from creating or destroying as well as manipulating nightmares or dreams, and using illusions to confuse foes. All of this is under her magic which also allows her to use Telekinisis (enough to pick herself up.), sense a persons fear, dimensional travel and the ability of Shapeshifting. She has Omni-linguism, Enhanced Memory, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Charisma, Enhanced Agility. Her Race allows her to Hear things much better than normal humans. Her race also allows a type of Regeneration which forces them into a death-like state after a serious injury to regenerate.

Weaknessess: She must prey to her goddess in front of the statue to re charge the stone however a Blue Lanterns light also can recharge the moonstone.

Mentor: The Flash (Berry Allen)

NPC's/ Sidekicks: Her brother Millya Cryre (Japanese Name: Kouya Yumi) (Takusen) is her sidekick.

RP Sample: As Kateala in her Miyuki form walked past the bank she realized that a robbery was in progress. Kateala runs down the alley and quickly transforms into her true form. Going back to the bank she quickly stands in front of the robbers and scans for their fears. "Now you know that doesn't belong to you. Why don't you just put down the money and we could just talk this out." The robbers pull out their guns. "Your dead Tinkerbell." says one of them. Kateala acts saddened by this development. "Oh and I thought we could be friends. Oh well." She then transforms into a demonic entity with fangs and claws dripping blood, spewing fire out of her mouth. She says in a demonic voice, "Bad little boys deserve to be punished." She then spews fire in their direction and raises her arms in a attacking position. The 4 robber run for the hills dropping the money on the ground. Kateala transforms back into her Baku form giggling at the criminals and quickly makes sure everyone is unharmed.

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Re: maltastarlight's Character

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:58 am

Okay Love the idea a sort of master of illusions and shapeshifting. Cool. I accept this character. You will be given your fist mission soon.

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