"Tempus" - Dr. Icarus Arcimedes Schrödinger

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"Tempus" - Dr. Icarus Arcimedes Schrödinger

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Alias: "Tempus"
Real Name: Dr. Icarus Archimedes Schrödinger
Race: Human Cyborg
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs
Nationality: German
Citizenship- European Union
Alignment: Anti-Villain
Class: None
Mentor: None
Universe: DC
Languages- German, English, Latin, Russian,

Base Of Operations: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

"Privatdozent"-Full-Time Professor at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.
Leading Prosthetist
Leading Researcher in Quantum Mechanics

Honorary Academic Titles-
Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften (Doctor of Engineering)
PHD in Physics- Quantam Physics
Medical Doctorate (Specializes in Prosthetic Surgeries)

Strength: ★★★ (2+1)
Speed: ★★★ (3)
Intelligence:★★★★★★★★★ (8+1)
Durability: ★★★★ (3+1)
Willpower: ★★ (2)
Personality: ★★ (2)



Super Genius-
Before becoming a cyborg, Dr. Icarus was a young childhood prodigy. He received his first doctorate degree when he was 12 years old. His IQ was off the charts. At the age of 25, he had 3 doctorate degrees in Medicine, Physics and Engineering. He had also reconstructed his body

Physical Anatomy-
Although Tempus looks more man than machine, he is more machine then man. Nearly every bit of him is mechanical including his natural organs except for his brain which is still able to transmit signals to his body as if it were organic. In addition, despite being a cybrog, he has no metal in his body. His bones are made of high density carbon which can withstand a ton of pressure without snapping. His muscles and veins are made of fiber wires that still run through with blood. He can still taste and eat human food if he chooses too but it is hardly necessary. His digestive system decomposes the food so finely into energy that he never needs to use the restroom. He still needs oxygen to keep his heart and brain to function. His synthetic skin is durable enough to endure powerful gunfire at close range without breaking.

Steam Burst-
Tempus boils the liquids in his own body other than his own blood to produce steam in which he is able to power the fibres of his body with steam. By compressing steam so tightly, he is able to momentarily perform superhuman feats of strength such as jumping 100 feet into the air or punching through a brick wall. Although he can accomplish these superhuman feats, he can not sustain them. For instance, Tempus can not lift and hold an object over his head over 300 pounds without collapsing but he can knock an oncoming car by punching it. Tempus requires a minimum 30 second interval between using the steam power in one limb.


Side Arms-

B.L.A.D.E Laser Scalpel- A Scalpel, he keeps in his back pocket. He likes this tool to dissect his test subjects, his enemies and sometimes himself. It is a precise tool that can be used to cut as well as mend back together. This tool can be used both on flesh and metal.

AU Luger, Golden Plasma Pistol- A Pistol that fires yellow jolts of burning hot plasma. It can fire up to 6 shots before requiring a 30 second cool down. A single cartridge can fire up to 60 shots.

Synapse- A pair of goggles he uses to help view do a lot of things. It's a multi task that can be used to listen to music, search the web, take aim when firing at at a target, zoom in from far distances and can also works as a microscope. His personal OS system runs the device and has a direct link to his body so he can oversee what's going wrong.

List of Experimental Weapons-

Proton Minigun- A minigun that can be carried that fires a barrage of proton particle blasts.

Tempus has very little combat skills, no former military training, no martial arts prowess

Strengths- Tempus is an intelligent and a well rounded character. He can construct weapons, machines or even cyborgs to do his fighting rather than to fight his own battles. He often uses proton cannons, lazers and other high energy or plasma based weaponry. Beyond his mechanical arsenal, his own body can be used as a weapon.

Weaknesses- Despite Tempus' efforts to make his body more durable than the human body, it is still quite vulnerable in superhuman standards. In addition, his lack of combat prowess and combat related training leave him inexperienced on the battlefield. Without his gadgets, he is still a formidable opponent but engaging with a superhero for long periods of time would most likely end up as his undoing. Tempus is also weak willed due to having a non-human body. There are times where he feels like his humanity is slipping away and he constantly struggles to maintain his sanity.

Icarus was born with multiple birth defects. His heart, his lungs and most of organs were defective and it was predicted he would die by the time he was 19 years old. Although deathly ill, Icarus was an intelligent boy and spent his days behind book after book. As his body deteriorated, he skipped grades and by the time he was just 12 years, he got his fist doctorate. At the age of 18, Icarus performed an illegal surgery on himself. He dissected himself and replaced body part after body part until there was very little of him left. After his self performed surgery, despite using university property for his own personal use, he was pardoned by the university and praised for his breakthrough in prosthetic surgery. Shortly, after he disclosed all of his research to the university, he was offered a 'retirement' by his university. In other words, he was forcibly kicked out with pay. Icarus, out of boredom, began his own arms dealership and worked on producing weapons. He is currently freelancing his services to those who need them good or bad.

Tempus is what one would call a bit of a loner. His lack of social interaction as a childhood and most of his adolescent years has taken a toll on him. He may seem normal to some but, there's just something off about him. He's a really lady's man though which is strange. However, he has an odd charm to him. He spends most of his days fiddling with machines, welding parts together and doing self maintenance on his own body. Tempus likes his space, a quiet place where he can lose himself in quiet work. There are lapses where he seems to have homicidal tendencies as he sometimes has a need to dissect things. One of his fellow colleagues had dubbed him, a devoted disciple of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Sample Roleplay-

Sparks flew as his hand held the torch towards the steel parts, he lifted the object to inspect it with his goggles. It scoped in and out in a robotic fashion as Tempus clicked his tongue. Dressed in a white shirt with a black tie and a vest over it, he pondered wondering if the part he was working on wasn't straight. He gave a sigh as he quickly realizes it wasn't on straight and went back to work assembling another missile. It was mindless work for him, he felt this was a job meant for machines. Oddly, he now wondered if he had just said that this job was intently for him. the work was easy enough, unchallenging, mindless, paid well but all the while it just wasn't satisfy his hunger for accomplishment.

"Are you done yet grunt?" A voice called out to him towards the entrance of the cave.

Tempus shook his head side to side. There was a second reason he disliked this job. His employers were real assholes. They gave him no respect what so ever.

"Hurry up, I want that shipment done by 5!" He said.

"Yeah... yeah..." Tempus said as he stretched his neck as he leaned back in hic chair and adjusted his lamp. "Just need a power nap...."

"You listen hear you freak!" The man said as he approached closer to Tempus and grabbed him by the chin and forced to him look at his face. "I want you to work now or no pay!"

As the man stepped out into the light, Tempus had a better view of the man's features. His skin was lightly tan and his shoulders were broad and muscular. He looked like a hulking figure who seemed rather viscous with those scars across his pace and arms.

"..." Tempus said nothing as he looked up at him with the ever present smile.

"What are you looking at, get back to wor-UghjjJ!" The man was suddenly cut off as Tempus grabbed the man's skull as he crushed it violently with his hand.

"I see you've given your feed back from my performance as a modest employee..." Tempus said as he drew a cigarette from his pocket with his free hand after placing the cigarette in his mouth he produced a zippo and ignite his cigarette. He inhaled deeply as the end of his cigarette burned red. Exhaling, he leaned back on his chair and threw the man back as he leaned back on his chair before putting his feet up.

"Let me give you my feedback on you..." Tempus said with a sly smile as he seemed totally relaxed in his chair.

"Ughh! Gahh! You are going to suffer for that!" The man cried right as he was about to draw his knife.

Tempus produced a scalpel from under his sleeve and pointed it's red laser blade at his eye. With a cold stare in his eyes, the employer suddenly froze when he looked at Tempus. He tucked the knife back in before he stepped out of his chair and slammed his fist into his employer's stomach. Right after contact, Tempus' arm would strike out his arms fully extending it. He could feel each bit of fibre wire guide his arm and the pistons in his arm shoot out powered by the compressed gas. the force of the blow sent the arms dealer back as the back of hsi head followed by his back splatter agaisnt the cave well. Tempus stood frozen with his arm extended before giving an exhale. Steam fumed from his mouth in a cloud of hot white vapour before quickly dissipating.

His cold eyes focused back to the task at hand before sitting down and getting back to work. As he began soldering two pieces of metal together, the body agaisnt the wall slumped to the floor as a stream of blood ran across the cave floor with it's dim lighting. Only the echoes of Tempus' welding tool remained in the cave that and the quiet yet tranquil drops of blood. Tempus shut his eyes as he reminisced this, silence. This was now a place, he wouldn't mind working in. Tempus was sure his boss would forgive him after he reassembled him into a mindless cyborg.

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