Aurix Valen (W.I.P.)

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Aurix Valen (W.I.P.)

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Name: Aurix Valen
Age: 20
Race: Human w/ Symbiot
Gender: male
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 185
Nationality: Canada
Languages: English, French and German

Mentor; Toxin

Symbiote: Izanagi


Aurix himself stands at 6 foot 5 inches with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. His Average attire is a Black Shirt and black Cargo shorts for storing items and a red cape. Though he has been into quite a bit of trouble he has a scar going own his left eye. He is Caucasian as his 'human' part, though the Symbiotic presence that is inside of a locket he holds will show differently 'Izanagi' when Aurix either touches the locket or adrenaline rushes through his body creating an almost void black with an almost silver biotic face mask that can be removed by himself. This Symbiot can create claws, sword hands but tends to go to using hand to hand.


Aurix had turned 15 when his first encounter with Izanagi had formed. He was going to school when he had first seen this mystical creature that later would be his own curse. He had passed by the local Theatre first to get his hours since he was working there part time as a Stage Hand for a friend of his.  He had just walked out the building when he thought he saw a black blob slowly creep through a hole in the ground. Though he was young and looked inside a snake had came out of the hole and scurried away he moved back and fell backwards. "Must have been just the snake.." He had said aloud as he regained himself and sighed. He went to school and sat in class thinking about what had happened. He shook his head during lunch time when he kept thinking of that black blob that had been moving. Eventually he put up with the day and got out of his seat where he had sighed and looked up at the homework that was written on the board.

Create a Horror Story.

Aurix couldn't stand Horror films. Why write a story? He just shrugged it off and decided to push it off since his life wasn't too free between shows and school in general. He made his way home again, passing through the main strip of town where everyone was and he just kept one foot infront of another when he passe by an ally way by the theatre and was pulled into the small crevice due to his age and weak figure he was pulled easily as he was tossed to the ground and a few of the schools old students who had been expelled for violence and they had made a deal with each other to beat up 20 students a school year.

This was not Aurix's day. He was easily picked up off the ground and tossed aside being punched and kicked around by the thugs, the more he tried to fight back the more damage was done to him, his whole body eventually tried to run but then he was tossed into a wall and was pressed against it, begging for his own life one of the thugs tossed him aside and started to laugh at him as he pulled out a knife and started to cut just over his left eye, when he was done with that Aurix felt the blade, every inch of its cut, every centimeter of it's depth as he tried to scream for help eventually out of fear his own body became numb as he he looked right as the three were leaving to talk about what to do to him his right arm was covered in a black what he thought was some sort of his death he started to feel again. He could feel the thing move across his body as it made him look bigger, stronger it had enveloped his entire body as sometime in his mind said something as his eyes opened in nothing but fear and torment.

"I am Thou, let go of all fear, let go of the pain. I will be your sword and shield."

the voice wasn't calming, the voice was harsh and almost illegible, he tried to talk but nothing moved as he felt his body move on it's own. eventually the monstrous voice had taken over his own. 

"Not fair.. Fighting a child whelps"

Eventually Aurix passed out from what had happened and the Symbiot moved him to the theatre and hid in the locket that he had. it was inside of it since it was able to be small enough to move inside of it with little to no problem and he was put into intensive care.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: After Aurix's last encounter he took up swordsmanship and took lessons in Fencing and old medieval Swordsmanship making him a competent swordsmen.


Aurix had just finished setting up some Lighting Instruments in the local Theatre in his home town when he decided to lock up and go for some coffee when something seemed amiss. He looked around and realized no one was in the area. Just him when he heard something moving towards him at a fast rate. He went for his work knife, it was a 6 inch blade that he had sharpened the night before. As he did and pulled it out he saw nothing. He could hear it but not see it.

He had developed a slight bond with Izanagi during his time training his sword play which he thought would be relatively easy to move to a small knife interms of combat.

Realizing it might have been nothing he shook it off as a joke and rubbed his head and as he turned around he saw some figure standing at 7 feet tall. It almost looked like a suit of armor but the thing itself seemed human as the Sliver portions were constantly moving changing positions. A metal voice came out.

"Aurix found. Instructions?"

Aurix had realized that he could not take on something like that with his own strength and he went to move back when he was hit with a strong force. While he was in the air he felt Izanagi cover his body.

"I am Thou."

He heard inside his head as he got up and he stood up, his body covered in the black symbiote as he cracked his neck. When he finally was able to see the suit of armor he saw it move towards him slowly. Aurix sighed and Izanagi had created a blade in his left hand that had a long hilt.

|This is what I'm talking about!"

  points 56/56
StatsBase ScoreClass ScoreAdditional ModifiersTotal

Symbiote ExpandIzanagi can expand over a larger area that it needs to cover an object or the host.
Dense SkinIzanagi's skin is dense enough to stop most conventional weapons and attacks
from hitting Aurix. This also confers a weak healing process.
Strength AmpIzanagi can amplify Aurix's strength to an almost inhuman portion.
All BreathThis allows Izanagi to allow Aurix to breath in almost any condition.
6th SenseMasked with in Izanagi is an ability to sense danger coming that is directed to him.
This also increases his reaction time during sword play in combat.


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