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Dusk- Eric Chains

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MENTOR- None At the Momment
NPC's- None

Long before recorded history there was a king named Arma Dagon who had the power to control the element of Darkness. Using this power, he soon was driven mad as everyone even in his own beloved kingdom feared him. Some say this is why man has always had a natural fear of the dark. 

Childhood (0-12)

Eric had known he had powers for quite a while. Even as a child he was cunning and smart when he heard on the news that mutants were being imprisoned and hated. It was obvious to him that he wouldn't mention this to anyone not even his parents. His powers were rather easy to hide anyway. What was more disturbing was that he began hearing voices in his head and these voices would speak to him in the oddest of moments. It was soon that he realized he was no mutant as the school's across the USA tested children for the X-gene and it was apparent that Eric wasn't one. Then he wondered, what was he?

Teenage Years (13-17)
Eric was an intelligent young man and got through school much faster than normal children. He had a perfect grade point average in highschool and finished it by the age most children began it. He decided to join the military shortly afterwards and by the age of 15, Eric entered Special ops training. By 17, he was a ruthless killing machine that specialized in covert operations that specialized in stealth and he had an incredible understanding of linguistics and most of earth’s languages. 

Military service (18-19)
Eric had developed quite the reputation for himself as he looked promising as a fine solider. However, in his final military mission, Eric used his power in order to save his fellow comrade from being killed. This was noted as Eric was put to trial for treason as it was strictly forbidden for a mutant to join the military. Eric pointed out that he was not a mutant and did not have the x gene. However, the jury didn’t buy it as he was sentenced to life in prison. Eric made a daring escape from prison not willing to live his live behind stone walls. He ran and began operating as a mercenary under the name Dusk. 

Present (20-   )
After Eric went to gather enough money which wasn’t hard as many clients found him to be the perfect Hitman. He was conniving, ingenious, had special military training and not to mention had supernatural powers. Having a rather impressive resume, he had no issues finding clients. About a year’s haul, it gave him just about everything he needed, money for a fake passport, a small apartment in the city, living expenses and then some. Now Dusk works two jobs, one being a waiter at a local steak & seafood 4 star restaurant. The other is being an assassin for the organization known as SHIELD. There is where he received his high quality weaponry. He doesn’t really do any big jobs for SHIELD, he’s seen more as the janitor to do the dirty work and cleaning up the mess but, it pays well known the less.

(Work Uniform)

(Casual attire)

Dusk has two very different persona's its difficult to say which one masks the other. In broad daylight, Eric is quite friendly, humble and quite gentle. However, once he puts on that mask, he's a completely different individual. He's cold calculative and never gets emotional. Dusk is always fixed on getting his objectives done and doesn't really care to what means his purpose of them once he's finished. One would hesitate to categorize him as a villain or a hero. Its quite interesting as he doesn't seem greedy, or selfish or doesn't hold any contempt for those who do good. His motives are always unclear and he doesn't really know them himself. Only caring about surviving one day at a time without dying or going insane is his main objective at the moment. For what its worth, he doesn't want to let his darker side take him over and try and destroy the world but, it seems he also has little interest in protecting it.

NPC: none

-Peace and quiet

-Working with others

"Everything casts a shadow..."
"Good? *laughs* Evil? *laughs again* Don't make me laugh..."
"Man is least himself when he is in his usual form, give him a mask and he'll tell you the truth."
"Although I'm very proficient with using my knife, my greatest weapon is fear"
"I have little time to chit-chat..."
"Hey!.......You!.... yeah! You!..... Shut! Up!...."
"Uhh... I hate complications..."
"Death... is inevitable... I'm just speeding it along..."

On the 86th floor in a high rise skyscraper, a group of men in suits sat at a table. The air in the room was heavy with the clouds of tobacco as sound of light chuckles filled the room. Beautiful women in proactive outfits poured each man at the table their choice of poison. Their seemed to be light music playing but, one could hardly tell over the coarse voice of a particularly portly man who sat at the table as he bit down on his tobacco. His mouth reeked of the spirits he drank tonight as the creases under his eyes reflected the numbers of years he had lived. The disgusting pig of a man was celebrating his acquittal from many different charges. He owned a prosperous diamond company and was the head of a criminal organization. He had been alleged with many felonious acts but, he always had enough dough to pay off the prosecutor or the judge. While he sat there in his chair, sipping fine wine and boasting there were so many people he had steeped on and dispose of to get where he is today. However, these weren't the reasons why he had to die, this man was going to supply great amount of funds to HYDRA. A despicable human being but, his killer could care less as long as he finished his objective.

A man in black stood on a rooftop in the glimmer in the moonlight, his eyes closed as the wind tossed his air. In one hand, he had a white mask that had a slight smile on it and a jagged lightning bolt under one eye. Before, he opened his grey eyes he put on his white mask. As the clock struck 12, without a moment's hesitation, he leaned forward and plummeted through the air. The wind was crashing against him as he descended from the night sky heading toward the pavement. Reaching towards his belt, he pulled out a nearly invisible black wire which he had wrapped around his hand and fastened to the top of the roof. taking a quick breath of the cool night air, he planted his feet against the building as he felt his boots grinding against the side of the building. He kicked off of it and giving him enough momentum, he slammed both of his feet along with his body into the room where his target was shaken from his drunken stupor. With the hard glass shattering like ice, the ladies dressed in their outfits left screaming as the man in black with the white masked began to rise from a crouched position holding a long and deadly looking knife in his hand. He tossed the knife into the overhead lights blackening the room. Bodyguards made their appearance as they quickly dove at the assassin. The first one came in swinging with both arms as the masked man rather coolly dodged his attacks by stepping back as it seemed he was one move ahead of the thug. The masked killer tossed a knife from his belt out if its sheath as he jumped forward twisting his body before catching the knife in a reverse grip only to cut the man deep into his thigh. The man growled in pain as he doubled over only to be kicked into the other henchmen. Running forward, the killer made quick work of all three henchmen by slitting their throats. Standing rather still as the room grew in panic, the target desperately tried to make it to the elevator as several of the men in suits pulled out their machine guns and fired away at the masked man.

The killer fell to the ground as he dropped on his side a part of his mask damaged from the bullets. He lay their for about a minute before the men began to lower their guard. The moment a bell sounded revealing that the elevator had finally made it. The sound was so startling all of them turned back to point their guns at the empty elevator. Before they had a chance to all turn around, the masked killer stood up as the bullets fell off of his bullet proof jacket, still groaing as he still felt the impact of each bullet. Raising his right arm he grabbed something from the air and with great effort, he pulled his right arm downward towards the floor putting his back into it. Suddenly, all of the men in the room except his target were hoisted into the air by their necks.

The target screamed as he watched his colleagues as he crawled away into the elevator begging for his life. The moon shone down into the room as it's light made the wires that hung the men glisten revealing them and a roaming shadow that did not have an owner until it rejoined the killer's shadow. The shadow took the string from his belt and ensnared all of the target's men as it was invisible in the dark room while the killer lay playing dead when in reality he was plotting their deaths. The target consumed in fear as he yelled. "MONSTER! FREAK!" He said as the killer let his victims body hang a bit longer before dropping them on the ground. He retrieved his second knife as he slowly made his way to the elevator.

The target frantically pressed the closed door button as he also frantically pressed any floor but this one. The killer made a dash for the doors as he was just a second to late as his powerful hand dented the elevator doors. Clutching both of the doors, the masked man tore open the doors as he jumped down into the elevator shaft. Landing on top of his targets elevator, grabbing his knives, he tore his way into the elevator. Hearing the cries of his target as he cut through the metal like butter. Entering the elevator, the man cowered in a corner before the masked man grabbed by the throat and pinned him against the wall.

"Who do you think you are! Who are you!" He demanded as he gasped.

There was along silence before the masked man spoke. "I am the beginning of the end..."

"Wha-what?" He groaned in confusion.

"And I am the end of you..." He said as he dug his knife into his target ending his mission. The man struggled as blood gushed out of his stomach.

"I am your Dusk..." Dusk whispered as he let the man fall to the ground after retrieving his knife. His black coat now splattered with red as there were even dots of red in his raven black hair.

(Alt. Ending)
The doors opened as Dusk looks out to see an old woman with a mop as it fell to the floor. The old woman's mouth gaped open trembling as he saw the masked man with the bloody knives and the scary mask covered in blood.

Dusk tilted his head.

"Going Down?" he would ask before the janitor lady let out a terrible scream.

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