maltastarlight's NPC Character

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maltastarlight's NPC Character

Post  maltastarlight on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:20 pm

Name: Milya Cryre (Japanese Name: Kouya Yumi) (Takusen)
Age: 14
Race: Graxomite
Gender: Male
Class: Undecided
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: Graxomite, Japanese
Languages: English, Japanese

Appearance: Milya in his original form he has blond hair in a short pony tail and blue eyes. I am basing him on Len from vocaloid see picture below.

His human form is in the same hair do but black hair. His eyes stay blue. in this form he is a Japanese boy. He wears black shorts that stop at the knees and a blue T-Shirt. He wears black shoes.

Background: see Kateala's Background. After Keteala started becoming a super hero Milya decided to help out in whatever way he can.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: He wields a cane that has two purposes besides being a weapon. The cane can be used to release an incense that lulls people into a dream like state. when he dips the cane in water it allows him to see whatever the moonstones can see. He knows karate and knows how to use his cane in a fight. He wields a Moonstone Amulet that gives him his powers.


Strength: 3
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 2 (0 + 2)
Speed: 5
Durability: 2 (0 + 2)
Personality: 6

Powers: The amulet can lull people into a dream like state when the user engages eye contact with the foe. This allows him to manipulate the persons mind for several effects. These effects range from creating or destroying as well as manipulating nightmares or dreams, and using illusions to confuse foes. He also wields magic allowing him to use Telekinisis (enough to pick himself up.), sense a persons fear and the ability of low Shapeshifting. (Becoming invisible, ethereal and take a human appearance) He has Omni-linguism, Superhuman Agility. His Race allows him to Hear things much better than normal humans. His race also allows a type of Regeneration which forces them into a death-like state after a serious injury to regenerate.

Weaknesses: He must prey to his goddess in front of the statue to re charge the stone however a Blue Lanterns light also can recharge the moonstone.

Mentor: Kid Flash (Bart Allen)

NPC's/ Sidekicks: He is an NPC

RP Sample: Milya was in the cafe when some of the local mafia guys came in to extort money from them. Millya when seeing this happen goes into the back room and turns himself invisible. He sneaks to the front of the store. He then takes on his original form and says "Leave now and there won't be any trouble." The thugs laugh and say "Kid you are way out of your league." Milya sighs and says "Don't say I didn't warn you." He hits the fist thug in the gut and then in the head with the cane. The cane begins to seep incense. Milya then Karate Kicks the second thug in the face. The last thug says "You think I'm afraid of you." Milya says while flicking his hat. "No not of me but I have something special for you." He then proceeds to make an illusion of zombies and ghosts, scaring the thug away. Millya calls the police to pick up the thugs that were knocked out on the floor. Then proceeds to go invisible, goes into the back room and transforms into his human form. He comes back out acting as if he has no idea what has happened.

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Re: maltastarlight's NPC Character

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:31 pm

I accept this character he will be useful to you. But you have to be more note able as a superhero before he can become a full fleged sidekick. Will that be okay. Neutral

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