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Anomaly (jamwalsh)

Post  jamwalsh on Thu May 08, 2014 6:52 pm

Name: Jason Wilson
Alias: Anomaly
Race: human, bang baby
Age: 16
Gender: male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190
Class: none
Alignment: antihero
Nationality: American

Anomaly is a timid white kid out of Dakota. Shaggy dirt blond hair, and always dresses in very baggy clothing. He is slim yet always wears a hoodie.

Personality and Background:
Anomaly is and always was socially awkward and unable to understand most expressions other than words. This caused him to be a loner, kept company only by comics and videogames. When his grades rose, as well as his skills in construction and modifying, certain "classmates" took an interest in him. He started associating with others who would eventually screw him over. He was rushing home after being mugged when he was caught up by the big bang. He still attends school but has gained a more aggressive attitude.

Localized time manipulation: Anomaly can alter time but only within a certain radius or on individual people and objects. He can also manipulate status effects (burning, unconscious etc) with this power so long as his target already has or had the status effect.

Probability manipulation: anomaly can improve or reduce the chances of any event succeeding as long as he focuses on that event.

Mentor: Puff (this can be subject to change)


Anomaly doesn't have any formal combat training but still knows how to hurt. He's also prone to fear and can be easily swayed by both bribes and threats if they're done properly.

Rp sample:
Anomaly entered the office of Dr. Hawkins with his hood up and slouched over. Hey doc, I know, I'm late. It's fine Jason, lets talk about last night's incident. The police tell me you and your "friends" vandalized a convenience store? Anomaly began to show immediate frustration with the accusation. They're not my friends and I had nothing to do with it. I was shopping at that store when it happened. I just happened to be there and they recognized me. Anomaly would stand up and begin to pace around the room in frustration. Jason I know you're frustrated but you can't leave we're not done yet. Anomaly would stop pacing and turn to Dr. Hawkins with a menacing look. Let me ask you something Dr. Where were you last night around 3am? Why I was at home, asleep. good. And with that Anomaly shot a strange aura causing Dr. Hawkins to fall asleep. Before leaving the room, a photograph would catch his eye. After examining it he would leave inquiring of the unconscious therapist you're Virgil's dad?


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