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maltastarlight's Character

Post  maltastarlight on Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:04 pm

Real Name: Malta Rain
Fake Name: None
Current Alias: Firefly
Real Age: 16
Apparent Age: 16
Race: Human/ Mutant
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 108 lbs
Alignment: Hero
Class: None
Universe: Marvel
Nationality: American
Base Of Operations: Jean Grey School Of Higher Learning
Occupation: None
Languages: English/ French

Appearance: She has luminescent skin and hair. She has antenna similar to that of a butterfly and pointy ears. She has blue eyes. (See pictures below for appearance) for casual clothes see picture below and she wears the standard X-Men Uniform when crime fighting.

Background: Malta was born to mutant parents in Louisiana. For the first 8 years of her life she hid with her parents on the streets. That's when some mutant haters leaving her on her own she learned to steal what she needed to survive. 8 years from then Gambit was in Louisiana wandering his old stomping grounds when he came across Malta living in a box in an ally. He asked if she would like a home where he lives. (referring to the new X-men headquarters Greymalkin Industries) Malta initially refuses scared to interact with gambit. (Assuming he was normal) When suddenly a Sentenel came in to destroy Gambit and grabs Malta. Gambit destroyed the Sentenel with a well placed exploding card to the face. Seeing this Malta accepted Gambits invitation. She has a member of the institute for about 3 days. She burns energy fast so she consumes sugery treats to gain more energy.

Personality: She is kind and caring for everyone but is also sarcastic and distrusts normal humans.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: Beast has configured a special belt to produce light when she needs it and the suit is outfitted for her skins properties.


Strength: 2
Speed: 8 (6 + 2)
Dexterity: 8
Durability: 2
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8 (6 + 2)
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10

Powers: she has the ability to shrink into a 2 inch tall person and back again. Malta can manipulate light for varied effect. it can turn her invisible and see things that are invisible. it can make light constructs and blasts that can harm people. It also has the ability to heal her and others. The light is a byproduct of her luminescent blood. She has Enhanced Hearing, She can fly using her wings, she also has a genius level intellect resulting in a Enhanced Memory. She also has Enhanced Regeneration, Flight (Wings)

Weaknesses: Malta has hollow bones that break easily. She also gets sickened in the dark which is why she has the special belt.

Mentor: Gambit

NPC's/ Sidekicks: None

RP Sample: It all started out as a training session in the danger room. Gambit was trying to teach her the ropes. Gambit says "Well guess I'm showing you how the Danger Room works mon pettite." Malta says hesitantly "Um . . . Why is it called the Ranger Room." Gambit smirks and says "Because it can tear your arm out for starters. And in some cases it can rip a person apart if they're not careful." Still smirking. She says in a sarcastic tone, "Oh yea this sounds like so much fun. Why are we doing it again." Gambit activates Defcon 1 and says as saw blade arms attack Malta "To help you master those skills of yours so you can be as good as me someday." She says as she blasts one of the saw blade arms with a light blast "Yea that will be useful when I'm bits and giblets on the floor." Next she shrinks away to get away from the next saw blade arm and grows back. She makes light constructs of of wolves that destroys the rest of the saw blade arms. Gambit says "Impressive. You will go far mon pettite. But for now let's go eat."

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Re: maltastarlight's Character

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:19 pm

I accept this character. the idea of having a healer for the RP is a good idea.

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