The Rules and Regulations

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The Rules and Regulations

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:09 pm

Here are the rules one must follow while on this forum

I am sure many people know what I mean by this but it still needs to be said for anyone who does not know what I mean. I am fine with people doing amazing things with their character but this rule applies to making a character unbeatable EX: my character has all the powers of superman darkside and green lantern I am awsome. Remember we are all here to have fun okay.

2) Please write in third person
I will not enforce this as much but it is much easier to understand what is going on when people write in third person. So for the good of the site please write in third person. I am sure we would all prefer that.

3) Show respect for the Admin and other players
Now if you are kidding that is fine. Considering how I know alot of the players who are playing this I would like any player to not use hateful comments or the like. So Just keep it clean on this site please.

4) No adultery please
This is obvious I do not think I need to stress this any more. Please keep it PG-13 Okay. I do not need to know what you do on a date beyond the good night kiss and I do not want to see anything that implies any inappropriate content.

5) No Hacking
Hacking comes with severe consequences around here so do not do it please.

6) Do not give out personal information
I mean it is for your own welfare and safety.... Try and refer to each other by username even if you know each other in real life. I want you all to feel safe playing this game okay.

7) Please listen to the admin and any moderators
Please know that I will have good reasons for asking you to do something. So if I do ask you to do something please do it.

8 ) Do not . . . poke me
That can get annoying fast so no do not do it. XD

9) No outside jokes Ex: Arrow to the knee and The cake is a lie jokes
Unless they are really funny it is not really worth doing it.

10) Please Forgive The Admin For Any Character Errors
Keep in mind I am only knowledgable of comics to a certain extent. I know most of the characters but some obscure characters and some plot points I am new on since getting back onto comics. So if I make a mistake on certain characters like i make a character act differently than he would please keep this in mind and do not make a big deal about it. I do not mind if you mention it as it will help me with the character later on. Most of my knowledge is from what I learned from comics which is from the golden age to the 90's and from 2010 comics on, and the rest I learned from wikipedia. So there is a big gap to my knowledge and I forgot some people from the past as well so I had to relearn about these heroes and villains.

11) Have fun
Well that is self explanatory. If you are not having fun then why play the game. ^_^

Well that is it enjoy.

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