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Name: John "Johnny" Adams (Mr Perfect)
Age: 29
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: None
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Nationality: American
Languages: English

Appearance: here is a picture top is his face

He has blondish brown hair and white skin. He wears sunglasses and a blue suit with a black tie and a white shirt. He wears blue dress shoes. He always has a smirk on his face. He wears a special watch and has Rings on his fingers.

Background: Johnny Adams was a A-list movie star who made millions with his wit, charm and the action movies he starred in. He eventually started making some bad casting choices and starred in horrible movies. It soon was the only kind of roles he could get and his money was starting to dwindle from the billions to mere millions. Desperate he turned to his special effects man who he hired to do all his special effects. Rupert Seagate was a wizard of special effects and also a master of mechanical and technological engineering. They came up with a plan to stage a few crimes and film Johnny saving people from incidents that his people caused. Seagate wanted to use this as a means to show the world his skill as a engineer. Seagate designed a special set of sunglasses that allowed Johnny to possess superhuman sight, can fire lasers and other attacks from them and has a camera on it that goes to Seagate showing him what Johnny sees. He designed special shoes that could fly when commanded by clicking them together in a specific way so as not to do it accidentally. He designed a suit that gave Johnny Superhuman Durability. he designed special rings that could summon special powers when called upon using special hand positions that called the power into being. These powers included lasers and energy blasts that can be rapidly fired from his hands which can also shut down machines. He also designed special ear pieces that Johnny could use to communicate with Seagate for guidance. Seagate designed superhuman villains with his tech that would run rampant in the city burning buildings and causing mass damage. Johnny brought his camera man Stewart Warner to film him saving the people and becoming a hero. For awhile it worked and he started starring in spectacular roles again. But eventually Nightwing figured out what Johnny was doing and stopped him exposing his crime to the world. Johnny now takes whatever job he can get to make money and has a seething hatred for Nightwing. He still uses Seagate and Warner in fact Warner has helped him on several occasions striking at heroes with the camera although Johnny does not like it when he damages the camera as he still films his exploits in hopes that he will be noticed again and star in films once more.

Weapons and fighting skill: The only weapons he uses is the gear provided to him by Seagate. He is trained in several martial arts hence why he was an action star.


Strength: 2
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 2
Durability: 4
Speed: 6
Personality: 6

Powers: by using the technology of Seagate Johnny is able to use powers. his sunglasses give him Superhuman Senses (Vision only) including targeting features and darkvision. His suit gives him Superhuman Durability. His shoes give him Flight and produce the energy that disables technology. His rings allow him to fire energy blasts that do minor damage like a repulsor ray, produce same energy on his hands to punch with and lasers that can cut through steel if need be.

Weaknesses: He is human and hence kinda weak on his own but turning off or breaking his technology leaves him powerless.

Mentor: Prometheus as they both use special technology for personal profit and they both have grudges against the batman family.

NPC's/Sidekicks: His camera man Stewart Warner and his special effects guy Rupert Seagate.

RP Sample: Mr Perfect walked into a bank with his sunglasses on followed by Stewart. he walks up to the teller and says casually "Give me all the money you have." as the teller wonders if this is a heist Mr Perfect aims at the Security cameras and shoots them with his laser function in his rings. As he points his middle and pointing finger at the cameras he had his thumb up and lowered it like he was firing a finger gun a laser was formed on his fingertips and shot outwards. He points his fingers at the teller "Now do I have to tell it again." The teller says "It's you Johnny Adams. Mr Perfect." Mr perfect says "Yes I am that dashing villain that is here to rob you of your money. Now I hope you know that what I have here is a special high powered laser that is capable of cutting through solid steel. Unless you want me to shoot this laser right through your skull. you will open the vault and get the cash out now." People begin panicking after the cameras were shot. as the police draw their high tech pistols they say "Hold it right there." Mr Perfect turns around stylishly and points his palms outwards firing his energy pulses and disabling the weapons of the security guards saying. "Now we can't be having guards drawing their weapons can we." He the flies over and says while he is beating up the guards. "You guys do not stand a chance against me. I am the hottest thing since Batman." He then flies above the teller desk and says "You know what don't get up Ill just get the cash myself." as he came flying out with 2 big sacks of cash "Well I guess we can call it a rap." As he leaves he talks to Stewart "Did you get all that Stewart." Stewart says "Yes Mr Perfect this will make many views on the web. I got it how about we call it Where are the superheroes when you need them."

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