A New Day Batman and Robin #1

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A New Day Batman and Robin #1

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Alfred, Dick, Damian Who are these people. And what is the Batcave. I need to find out. I need to know what it is. There has to be a reason why. There must be.


((This is a remake of the original Batman and Robin Mission. Hope you all enjoy it.))

((10:00 pm 12 hours after the start of the crime spree.))

Alex Tyran would be finished dealing with the low rank criminals that started rioting in Dakota City when he would hear the radio at Dakota City Police Station begin playing a radio message. "This is Gotham City News. Rioting has started in Gotham City Central as the crime spree that started this morning slows down around the world. Gotham City P.D. is having trouble keeping up with the rampant rioting. . . . This just in! It seems Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy has arrived at the scene and are attacking the Gotham City P.D. now. More on this as the story develops." Alex Tyran would know that Gotham isn't far away and he could go there to help.

Valoirnai would see the Robins of the past save for Jason Todd also known as The Red Hood. Valoirnai would see Dick Grayson approach her and begin talking to her. "He would say "Valoirnai is it? I know that you and Bruce knew each other for a short time, But It seems I will be taking over as Batman again. And in the interest of keeping Damian focused I would like to ask if you would mind finding another safe haven for yourself after today. I feel that having someone like you around would distract Damian from protecting the people at his fullest, Knowing that there is someone at home that can suffer any consequences from any of his actions who is easy to find and take down. Though not in the sense that your weak." Valoirnai can tell in his face that there is more to it than that as she had been with Bruce, Damian and Alfred for 4 months now. Dick would then say "You can join us in the sermon if you wish. You were close as well." Suddenly the two would hear the radio announce the riots that were going on Alfred saying from behind Dick "I think there are more pressing matters at hand. We can perform the sermon after you are done doing what you do." Dick would turn back to Valoirnai and say with authority  "Ok. Valoirnai! We will all go deal with this riot and come back here for Bruce's sermon! Go on ahead while we get equipped!" The Robins would go get ready leaving Valoirnai alone to go on ahead.

((Well good luck with this one.  Twisted Evil ))

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