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Vinio2323's characters

Post  vinio2323 on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:44 am

Name: Adam S. (Hero name Typhoon)
Age: 20yrs
Gender: Male
Class: Undecided
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155lbs
Languages: Human (English), binary(understands, but for obvious reasons speaks it very slowly), (may I leave my three options open for when i actually meet races? My character seems a little out of the interplanetary loop to learn any atm XP)
Nationality: Canadian (English)


Race: Human/Mutant

Background: Adam was a normal student living a normal life until strange occurrences began to happen. He noticed he'd occasionally pass through objects or somehow blow things away. He knew something was wrong and so did his parents. They still took care of him, but he was doing his best to hide whatever was happening. He thought he had telekenesis or something from moving objects, but that didn't make much sense to him considering he couldn't read minds. He instead used his 'abnormalities' to further his computational research until finding out about Xavier's school. He was taken there at the age of 19, he learned about his control of the wind and has a very good control over it however, his powers are a little strong and unorderly and he still cannot figure out how to stop randomly passing through things, although he knows its his body as air passing around them...not through.

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Typhoon focus' on his speed and intellect to outwit his opponents. He uses to katana's in both standard and reverse grip depending on the situation.

STR: 7
DEX: 4
SPD: 11 (+1) = 12
CON: 7
INT: 9
WP: 8
DB: 4 (+1) = 5

Powers: Genius Level Intellect, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, and Control over the Wind and it's properties

Weaknesses: His powers begin based around wind and speed Typhoon tends to be weaker in the strength department, and has a horrible time dealing with fire as oxygen in his air control causes him to burn at a faster rate when it catches him.

Mentor: I'd like either Storm or Proffessor X

NPC: Typhoon has always been interested in machinary and with his wind power has been able to move very many miniscule objects into perfect positions allowing better robotic designs. He only made one functioning VI to date. It learns but is not fully capable of independant thought. It's a little black spider robot that can get into most tight areas. Before joining Xavier's school Typhoon used to use it to break in places, but now it's just a companion. It is still programmed with all it's hacking and lockpicking skills.


RP Sample: Typhoon walked around the school seeing the same kids and a few new arrivals. he was wondering what he would do today. The teachers hadn't done much with him lately saying that he needed to rest and his powers were a little tricky to comprehend. He would walk outside to the yard and suddenly get knocked over.
"Like that Douchebag!?" It was Jacob, the annoying kid who though his super strength instantly made him the boss of the school, "What's the matter? Did the baby fall down?"

Of course being a guy of superior intellect I was picked on for it, but I really needed this chance to show them what a 'nerd' could do.

Jacob would walk over to me and i would quickly spin and kick up to my feet sending a shockwave of air at Jacob as he went flying backward into his 'freinds'. "I will take any chance to kick you ass Jacob."

Jacob would yell obvious pissed and charge me, the idiot made this so easy. A mad enemy is a predictable one. He would punch right with a full forward lunge, as he did so I would sidestep grab his fist and flip him into the dirt. The plan wen't okay except that I though about it too long and the punch actually hit me.
"I knew you were a wimp!"

I lay there getting up slowly forehead and lips bleeding from the impact with the ground. I was officially pissed, but my anger will not cloud my judgement. I would muster all my will and focus the wind.
"This is for everyone you've ever picked on here!" I yelled quickly rushing towards him full tilt and thrusting up into his chin with my fist. Focusing the wind on my impact point Jacob shot straight up in the air at least 100yrds unconscious. He would come to as his body began to fall and he would yell terrified.

I watched happily as the once tough guy was screaming like a girl, but I'm not a bad guy....

I caught Jacob about 5 ft. from the ground and dropped him to the ground. "Be smart next time Jacob. Try to make friends instead of making people into your friends." I said glancing at his shocked buddies who nodded at me in agreement. It was obvious they were there as victims as well.

I got detention that day, but it was totally worth it.

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Re: Vinio2323's characters

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:45 am

Let me first say this character is awesome. the wind idea is very impressive and the robot companion is cool.

Second you do not need to pick your languages all at once. The only one you need is your nationality language (Which BTW because of a problem i keep getting I added a nationality section so please fill that out) and English (unless English is the language of your nationality in which case you only need one)

third based on your character you can add Superhuman Agility to him if you want but that is totally up to you.

Your mentor from here on end will be storm. You will occasionally be taken to Wakanda to meet with her as she is currently the wife of The Black Panther.

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Re: Vinio2323's characters

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:06 pm

Accepted. Good luck with pyromancers oh and if I were you I would not go to hell any time soon mwahahahahahahahahaha. Twisted Evil

but yea Canada COOL!?! I was expecting something else given his look but this is awsome so yea welcome my Canadian friend. Surprised

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Re: Vinio2323's characters

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