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Post  Admin on Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:12 am

Warning I had planned on this character since I started this forum so if it seems like I am stepping on any toes it is just because we just had the same idea.

Name: Kira Oyama/ Subject 12 (Codename: Shuriken)
Age: 19
Race: Human/Mutant
Gender: Male
Class: Undecided
Height: 5"10"
Weight: 158 lbs
Nationality: American
Languages: English


((This is what he looks like when he is disguised as a normal person. His mutant form is the same only with adamatium skin silver coloring))

Kira looks like a human of what seems to be Japanese American decent. He has a slight slint to his green eyes. he has short black hair. He wears a leather jacket with a dull white shirt underneath. He wears dark blue jeans and has a tattoo on his back. He wears running shoes that are black and white. He wields a Katana. He wears special gloves designed by Beast and Forge. The only real remarkable thing to look at is the fact that his skin is metallic looking skin that is scaled. (scaled feature is hard to notice)

Background: Subject 12 was the weapon X facilities next chance to make the ultimate killing machine. The plan for this was to fuse Adamantium into the skin cells. for this purpose they chose a young orphan boy to do the procedure on. This was Subject 12. The procedure was a success however they were unaware that he had a special power to him. He was able to shed his skin and use it as a weapon to ward off enemies which went off on its own when he was asleep. (Back then it could only do blunt force trauma. now it can slice a limb clean off.) They sent him with Lady deathstrike to learn how to be a perfect killer. Lady Deathstrike decided to call him Kira Oyama. (Kira Japanese for Killer) Kira was raised from the age of 8 to be an unstoppable assassin. At night when he slept she placed him in a Adamantium room in the basement. She pretty much tortured him to get him to lose his emotions and become as cold as ice. When Kira resisted the procedure Lady Deathstrike used some brain washing and subliminal messaging so he would do whatever she asked when she says uchitoru waga youji. (Kill My Child in English) One day when he was 16 he managed to escape and tried to leave the state. As he went to the train station he came across some thugs who tried to rob him. When security tried to interject they knocked Kira out and ran. As they were getting arrested by the security Kira's power activated. It caused all those living in the building to be sliced into deli meat and the supports were cut apart causing the building to fall apart. After he woke up wounded and walked out of the rubble he made a promise to himself that he would not willingly sleep (mostly by constantly drinking coffee and consuming other caffeinated.) and would live outside of civilization in case he did sleep. When he was 18 he earned a living killing people who propagate the war between mutants and Humans. One day when he was trying to murder a mutant hater after murdering a few of Magneto followers earlier that week. That is when the X-Men came and stopped him, taking him to the X-Mansion. There they found out that vibrations stopped his power from being activated. It was at this time that Beast and Forge designed a new pair of gloves that used vibrations to subside his powers. These gloves could be turned on and off and be set to different frequencies. He was then offered a place there to sleep. After getting the best sleep he had in 2 years he agreed to staying there and becoming a member of the school. He now spends his days going to classes and in his free time training or just sitting around. He still loves coffee.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: He has much skill with the special Adamantium Katana Lady Deathstrike gave him. He is trained in a style taught to him by Lady Deathstrike called the Death Sword Style. It consists of sudden strikes and trying to strike for a vital spot with every strike or attacking then from behind. This is achieved by means of using parkour to get behind an enemy or to catch an enemy off guard. He is also skilled in regular swords play.

Stats = 56

Strength: 2
Speed: 8 (6 + 2)
Dexterity: 8
Durability: 12 (10 + 2)
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 2

Powers: he has skin made out of Adamantium that is scaled and peels off from himself to attack enemies and to protect him from damage. He can also split a lot of them off to make what he calls a Blade Storm. His skin can regrow itself in about a minute. He also has a six sense that lets him sense people supernaturally wherever they are for 30 ft. He also has Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, and Superhuman Stamina.

Weaknesses: His mind is able to be accessed easier by telepaths. If his skin is not on him at the time the area that has no skin can be damaged easier. Being metal he is susceptible to magnetism. Having been brain washed if the words uchitoru waga youji (Kill My Child in English) are uttered he will do whatever the person who says it wants.

Mentor: Wolverine

NPC's/ Sidekicks: None

RP Sample: While out for a walk Kira sees a liquor store being robbed he used his skills to climb up a building and get ahead of the criminals. When he does he leaps off the building landing in front of them. "Well guys you now have a choice to make. You can either just gently put down what you stole or I can just simply kill you and take it from you." The thugs say to Kira "Who do you think you are kid we aren't giving you anything. In fact we are gonna take what you got on ya including that sword of yours" As they draw their crowbars and begin charging Kira he just pulls out his sword quickly and slashes the two criminals in non vital spots but well enough to incapacitate them. As the lie on the ground Kira says, "You guys are lucky I do not kill anymore. You see if I was you would be dead right now, but since I am not trying to kill anymore I only hit non vital areas. The way I cut you guys you should have a couple of hours to get to a hospital and maybe live. Oh and to answer the question of who I think I am. You can call me Shuriken." He would then walk out of the ally and into the street and hail a police officer passing by. "There are two criminals lying in a pool of their own blood you better get them to a hospital before they bleed to death. Me I'm going to give the stolen items back where they belong." He would just continue to walk away, calling 911 as the police officer reports the incident in.

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Re: Admin's Characters

Post  Nightmare696 on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:51 pm

Im honestly laughing right now cuz we all went mutant XD It was the same with my character to, I have planned her b4 u even created this forum for a certain comic idea of mine. ^.^ GO MUTANTS!!!

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Re: Admin's Characters

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:38 am

Name: Han Zhi Kang (Jiang Shi)
Age: 28 (but died in 1730 so has aged 280 years since death)
Race: Human/Zombie
Gender: Male
Class: None
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Nationality: Chinese
Languages: Chinese, English, Demon (only understands not yet can speak in)

Appearance: Image will be posted later
He is bluish in color, has black hair that is in a long Chinese braid, and blue eyes. He wears a blue, red and yellow hat, a long sleeve blue Chinese tunic, a red hair tie, yellow martial artist pants, and blue kung fu shoes.

(His Talisman)

Background: In the year 1730 there was a sect of monks and Dàoshì that resided in a temple up on a high salt mountain surrounded by forest and secluded. There lived a trio of adepts who grew up there training to become the best at martial arts that they could be and vowed that they would always defend the temple no matter what happened. These 3 were Han Zhi Kang, He Rou Shu, and Wu Wen Kai. They were trained by the elder and Dàoshì Shen Huan Rong in the 3 special fighting styles of their sect. Wu Wen Kai in the No Sleeve or Unstoppable Fist Style, He Rou Shu in the Long Sleeve or Hidden Weapon Style, and Han Zhi Kang in the Short Sleeve or Arcane Weapon Style. The temple had a dark power residing in it. 3 artifacts that contained the essence of 3 dark Jiang Shi spirits. Wei Zhan Ming (The One With No Body) Wang Kuo Hao (The King of Souls) and Xian Ai Liu (The Weeping Woman). As the trio grew up and the 2 men soon grew fond of He Rou Shu and began expressing their love for her. Eventually Han Zhi Kang and He Rou Shu were to be wed. Jealous and upset at this turn of events Wu Wen Kai was called by an unknown voice. It was Wei Zhan Ming who promised him the hand of He Rou Shu if Wu Wen Kai freed him from his slumber. Wu Wen Kai agreed and that night freed the evil Jiang Shi spirit from his binds. The Jiang Shi possessed Wu Wen Kai and enslaved him. Then Wei Zhan Ming summoned the spirits of the damned to aid him in getting his revenge on the monks for what they did to him. In an attempt to stop Wu Wen Kai Han Zhi Kang fought his friend in mortal combat and without any other option killed his best friend. But Han Zhi Kang was no match for the Jiang Shi himself as the Jiang Shi possessed He Rou Shu Forced to kill his love. With his morale broken and his body worn to a considerable degree he was no match for the Jiang shi as it next posessed him. With no other option Shen Huan Rong sacrificed himself to reseal Wei Zhan Ming into another artifact by himself (Usually done with multiple Dàoshì.) Costing the life of Han Zhi Kang. The remaining monks buried the honored dead into the burial chamber. The remaining Dàoshì respecting Shen Huan Rong wishes buried him next to his favorite tree in the temple. Later in the year 2010 (which is the year that this RP takes place in.) a man named Shi Ai Tian With hos assistant and Dàoshì Li An Jing discovered the lost temple long after the monks died off. He came across the burial site of the honored dead and the accursed artifacts. Wanting the power that lied within he released Wei Zhan Ming from his new confinement and got possessed by the Jiang Shi. The assistant Li An Jing after placing 2 Stun Talismans on the Jiang Shi which failed ran to the nearest place she could hide and lock the door so the Jiang Shi could not enter so easily. She ended up in the burial chamber and upon picking the one in the middle and only having one Talisman left she used it on Han Zhi Kang and turned him into a Jiang Shi zombie under her control. (A non vampire Jiang Shi) Then Han Zhi Kang opened a secret door out of the temple. He tried to rescue the other honored dead but as the Jiang Shi came broke the door open Li An Jing saving him ordered him to come to her. Looking at the coffins saddened he ran into the secret door where it locked behind them. From then on the duo have spent their lives trying to stop Wei Zhan Ming from destroying everything and helping people wherever they can.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: Trained in 5 styles of martial arts most notably Wu Shu. He wields many deadly weapons that he can summon from the armory including swords, daggers, axes, claws and chained versions of the items above, also nunchucks and spears.

Stats = 56

Strength: 3 (1+2)
Speed: 10 (11-1)
Dexterity: 10
Durability: 3 (1+2)
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8 (9-1)
Wisdom: 8 (6+2)
Charisma: 6

Powers: he has Superhuman Strength, Immortality, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Senses (Hearing and sight), Can leap great distances almost as if flying, Magic that can summon his weapons from his arsenal, cast fire, lightning, and ice spells, can cast purification and religious spells, and can cast spells that increase Strength, Durability and Speed

Weaknesses: brittle body, weak to fire, if paper is taken off of his face he will remove the enchantment on him thus killing him. Placing a talisman on his head makes Han Zhi Kang serve whoever placed the talisman.

Mentor: Elektra

NPC's/SideKicks: Li An Jing (Dàoshì)

Class: Sorceress

Appearance: See picture below

Stats = 56

Strength: 2
Speed: 8
Dexterity: 9
Durability: 2
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 11 (7 + 4)
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10

Powers: Magic. can cast a wide variety of spells to assist her ally including damaging spells buff spells and religious spells. She is Han Zhi Kang's Dàoshì. As a Dàoshì she can control corpses with her Jufu Talismans, that she writes with her own blood and use them to give the corpses orders. She also has knowledge of the human anatomy which in turn allows her to stitch up Han Zhi Kang whenever he is cut to pieces. She later learned how to resurrect people.

Weaknesses: Frail as she is a human and anti magic can cripple her for attacking.

Mentor: Doctor Strange

RP Sample: Han Zhi Kang hears and sees a weeping girl in the street surrounded by blood and bodies. "Li An Jing there is a situation below bodies everywhere and a child weeps." Li An Jing says "Then we should help her who knows what happened." Han Zhi Kang says "But this will impede on our mission to stop Wei Zhan Ming and his army of Jiang Shi. My brothers and sisters of the temple." Li An Jing just says "We can't just leave her like this. We have to help. Are you saying that we should ignore the cries of the innocent" Han Zhi Kang says "No you are right. We have to help." As they make their way to the girl Li An Jing says "What is wrong." The girl replies, "Some bad men took my mommy and daddy away. I was hidden in my secret spot. they killed all of daddy's men. I don't know who can help me." Li An Jing says "We will help you." Han Zhi Kang says "Ok where did they go young one." hiding in the shadows from her. The girl replies "They drove off that way." Han Zhi Kang says "Ok We must not waste any time." he lifts up Li An Jing onto his back and leaps across the rooftops over entire buildings on occasion using his Superhuman Sense of hearing to find the car that contains the hostages. "There they just drove into that warehouse." He lands on the ground near the warehouse and says ti Li An Jing "Ok I will come in from the roof you sneak in from here." He points to the window near some crates and then jumps onto the roof with one jump. Li An Jing says "Ok I guess." and clibs in through the window. The criminals having the father in a chair tied up with one of the 4 lights in the room trained on him begin beating him to get the information they need to get the money they want. Just then Han Zhi Kang crashes in through the roof window with his finger claws drawn 5 on each hand. (see image below thumb one smaller and has no upper blade.) The tugs leader says "Ice this guy." and they open fire with their machine guns. Han Zhi Kang hops out of the way of the shots and gets close enough to harm the one thug by slashing his arm and knocking him out with an elbow to the back of the head. He then attacks the second thug by popping up from behind some crates with a chain on a weight wrapping it around the guys foot and hanging it on the ceiling support of the buildings roof. He then draws his sword by summoning it from the armory using his magic to open a portal and pulling it out. He stands in front of the 2 remaining thugs and their leader and takes a full load of bullets killing him. A minute later he returns to life and his body floats back to its feet. Li An Jing suddenly comes out and places 2 Talismans meant for humans onto the heads of the 2 thugs and as the leader readies his gun Han Zhi Kang slices it to pieces. The leader says "What the hell are you." Han Zhi Kang glares right at him with glowing red eyes showing him his paper. "A Jiang Shi!" the man screams. Han Zhi Kang then knocks him out. As they approach the man who cringes and closes his eyes Han Zhi Kang cuts the binds with his sword saying "I am not here to feast upon your chi." After saving the man he says "Thank you I am in your dept." Han Zhi Kang says "No. No thanks is needed. I just was in the right place. Let us go Li An Jing. We have work to do." She smiles "Yes your right." As the police arrive they find the 5 criminals the 2 still with their talismans and a note written on a talisman saying "The Jiang Shi strikes."


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Re: Admin's Characters

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