Tezzeret The infinite (vinio2323)

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Tezzeret The infinite (vinio2323)

Post  vinio2323 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:39 am

Name: Tezzeret, The Infinite
Age: 06EF0 yrs
Race: Elemental (Lightning/Aether)
Gender: Male
Class: Sorcerer
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 0 lbs, human form 150 lbs
Nationality: Created in Germany
Languages: English, German, Hex, Astral(angelic?)



Background: Tezzeret was born as a being of lightning and spacial energy known as Aether. His creation was that of such magnitude that his creator died in the process. When Tezzeret was created a timeshift caused him to experience an Aether bond to his electrical body. This distorted space, transferring the soul of his creator into the elemental. The creators mind was lost in the transfer, but Tezzeret still retained his creators memories. Now Tezzeret learns and predicts time flow by using his creators extreme astrophysical calculations to determine future and time distortions. This allows him to make very accurate predictions of the future. However whenever Tezzeret has been proven wrong, he has become self righteous in his predictions and will travel back into time to make himself correct, usually by destroying the rouge variable.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: Tezzeret has little to no fighting prowess. His body is made out of electrical energy however which can short ciruct things and deal stunning damage when hit. This also reduces damage caused to him by physical means, but increases damage cause by magical ones.


Strength: 0+1 (1)
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 6+4 (10)
Willpower: 6
Durability: 1+1 (2)
Personality: 1+2 (3)

*Lightning Based*: Ethereal, Lightning Body, Super Speed (Literally Lightning speed), Lightning Based Magic.
*Aether Based*: Temporal Distortion, Time Travel, Perfect Predictions.

Weaknesses: Some time distortions can throw off Tezzeret's predictions, and he hates to be wrong. So much so that he will commit violent acts to protect his reputation. Also he has trouble directing lightning in high metallic areas, and is weak to earth.

Mentor: Azrael

NPC's/SideKicks: None atm.

RP Sample:

Tezzeret = Purple
Tony = Orange
Others = Olive

Tezzeret was doing some late night hacking on he new laptop. With monitors all around he could watch all his computer's processes at once. He was about to make a big gamble, one he would win.

Tezzeret grabbed the phone beside him and dialed a number quickly, "Hello?"

"Tony Malcavian?"
"Who want's to know?"
"Tezz, thats who."

The phone could be heard being quickly passed around.

"Tezz! What new do you have for me today?"
"I want 60%."
"You got another winner for me? I'll give you 40."
"Not good enough. 60% or you take your chances at losing it all."
"Okay 60%, but you better be right!"
"My predictions are never wrong. I want you to go to Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, and bet $1,000,000 on 00 at exactly 11:23pm."
"With a deal like this I can't lose. I'll be there. Contact you soon."

*The next day*

Tezzeret answers a knock at his door to see a dark skinned man in a suit with a briefcase.
"Your winnings."
"Thanks, tell your boss I'll keep in touch."

Tezzeret would start to walk away then quickly open the case and take out $100,000 handing it to the man at the door.
"A little thank you to you as well."

With that Tezzeret locked the door and took the case to his vault, "That's another 6 million... I need to spend more or I'll have to much on my hands..."

He would lock the vault back in it's time bubble and go back to work on his computer looking for his next exploit.

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Re: Tezzeret The infinite (vinio2323)

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:12 pm

Accepted. I like this character he sounds awesome.

1st off for mentors I would suggect azreal as he is a magic based antihero. The only other one that comes to mind for this character is Black Adam but he is dead or at least turned to stone with osirus trying to revive him so you would have to wait for him provided I revive him. So yea Idk what you think

Finally the RP. I will start the amazon island mission but I would like to see that done eventually.

Looking forward to seeing tezzeret in the battlefield oh btw tezzeret did you get that from the plainswalker tezzeret the seeker from magic the gathering Smile

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