A New Day Metallo #1

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A New Day Metallo #1

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"Where am I. Who am I. Superman is he responsible for my lack of memory. Wait, am I superman. No I own a corporation. The answer is to go to the building and begin asking the people around who I am."


Falcon and Condor receive a call on a payphone from Metallo who says "Hello Falcon is it? I am looking for some new villains who are not known to the heroes quite yet. If you help me steal some tech from Lex Corp, I may help you sometime in the future. If you accept my offer meet me and your new partners outside the Lex Corp building." Falcon and Condor would notice that they are about 1 km away from the building. The duo would notice that everyone is panicing and villains are running rampant. The Newspaper stand nearby talks about the recent funeral of Heroes Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash (Barry Allen), and Aquaman among with several villains in a massive explosion. Something that the duo was never informed about which is a surprise as every aspect of Supermans life was told to them before they left for the past. They notice a bank robery at the Metropolis Bank and a gang beating up and robbing any civilians they come across shooting the ones that resist and stealing thier stuff anyways.

((What will you do Malta. Will you accept the offer.))

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