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JBaggins - DC hero character

Post  JBaggins on Sat May 11, 2013 11:15 pm

Name: Hiroto Ohashi
Age: 19
Race: Kryptonian
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: Krypton, raised in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.
Languages: Japanese, English



(Just replace the Kanji with the Super family's famous S)


Mere days before the final day of Krypton, the infant Hiroto (originally Kaz-Am) was placed into an escape pod by his father Kar-Am mother and Scathach, two radical scientist Kryptoians who believed close to every conspiricy they heard. Their family was not well liked by the other Kryptonians for their rediculous theories and manic behavior, unlike Jor-El however, almost every theory they had was as false as the other Kryptonians believed.
After hearing word about Jor-El's belief that their planet would be destroyed, they decided to escape with their new born son, and managed to sneak into one of Krypton's scientific facilities. With the guards hot on their trail, the couple found the nearest escape pod, dismayed to find that the cryo-pod could hold only one passenger, but placed in their son without hesitation. The child launced onto a course for the nearest habitable planet, whilst his parents were thrown into prison for their actions, only to die with the rest of their planet days later.

Kaz-Am remained in stasis as the escape pod flew towards what it assumed was the closest possible habitable planet, only for the pod to stop when the planet mysteriously vanished from space. Kaz-Am's pod remained still in the emptiness of space for a large stretch of time, recallibrating a habitiable planet before finding the suitable planet, Earth.

Landing just outside of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, the baby Kryptonian was discovered by the Ohashi couple. The Osashi's were an aging couple who never had a child of their own, despite a previous attempt which ended in heartbreak. The couple were well respect in the community, the husband ran a dojo that practiced the art of Kendo while the wife had a humble flower shop in town. While at first they were reluctant, the Ohashi's would adopt the myserious boy who fell from the stars, giving him the Hiroto.

The family lived a pleasent life in their home above the Ohashi dojo, Hiroto highly respected his honor-bound but mostly fun-loving father, even pursuing Kendo to be more like his father. He worked part time at his mother's flower shop, and brought home humble but good grades from school, where we was of average popularity. Hiroto was made aware of his powers at a young age by his adoptive parents, though he wouldn't discover where he came from until quite recently. For the first 18 years of his life, he keep his powers a complete secret from all but his parents, though he would occasionally sneak off to fly above the clouds.
During a superhero/villian clash, the hero noticed Hiroto secretly using his super breath to put out a fire, and after the day was won the hero approached the young man. The superhero was invited into Ohashi home for dinner, where they made a pitch to the family to allowe Hiroto to become a super hero under the league's guidence. After a long negotation, the Ohashi's agreed and Hiroto was taken the next week to Hall of Justice for some blood tests, discovering his true heritage. However, the young Kryptonian simply accepted his past, explaining that he was raised by Ohashi's and was their son, not his kryptionian parents'.

The happy-go-lucky Hiroto, under the alias "Sagiso", is using Kryptonian powers and Kendo training to protect Japan and the world at large. He's an eager young hero, but is still making mistakes as he learns the ropes, often letting his nieve attitude get the better of him.

Weapons and Fighting Skill:
Hiroto has trained most of his life in the martial art of Kendo, under the careful eye of his father, and can typically be seen practicing in parks or woods for fun or to gather his thoughts. Hiroto has represented the Osashi home numerous times in Kendo competitions, although he's had to hold back for obvious resasons, typically letting himself take bronse even though he would very easily gain gold even without his enhanced abilities.

Bokken (typically carried while on patrol)

Katana (carried into higher risk situations)

Strength: 3 (+2)
Speed: 3 (+1)
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 4 (+1)
Durability: 3 (+2)
Personality: 4

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, hearing, mentality.
Vortex breath, freeze breath, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, x-ray vision, heat vision, healing factor, flight, and invulnerability.

Kryptonite, radioactive remnants of Krypton, magic, and black holes

Any living Kryptonian, most likely Power Girl


RP Sample:
The wind blew through the cherry blossom trees, the pink pedals fell gently to the ground in a small park in Setagaya, the entire area was almost perfectly serene, almost. Somewhere within the middle of the forest the occasional shout was heard, they came from a young man, practicing kendo in his favorite park before lunch. With his bokken in hand, the young man named Hiroto swiped carefully at the air, trying to force himself to be quicker on his feet. As it turns out, Hiroto is more then just an average young man, he is in fact not even from this planet. He is a Kryptonian, and has sworn himself to help the Earth, dressed in the guise of 'Sagiso: The Kryptonian samurai'.

However, none of that is important now, what matters to Hiroto now is getting his footing down pat. The last battle he had in town with a group of thugs went south quickly, they were sporting some sort of high tech guns that moved about as quickly as he did. This was his first true encounter with super powered beings, even if it was technology-based, and he turned out to not be quite ready yet. Sagiso did manage to defeat the thugs, and hand their weapons over to the league, but it was a sloopy effort that nearly got the bank demolished and the nearby citizens harmed. Which is what brought the young hero here, Hiroto might be an average guy, but Sagiso had to be something more then that. So, with the sun still high in the afternoon sky, Hiroto went to work practicing.


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Re: JBaggins - DC hero character

Post  Admin on Sun May 12, 2013 1:38 am

i like this character in one word i say AWESOME. I was wondering if someone would make a kryptonian. However bear in mind that New Krypton is in continewity with my forum so you did not have to be one of the survivors of Old Krypton

1st off your stats are too low you are missing the bonuses from your race they are usually done in this manner 5 (+2) where he had 3 but his race gave him a 5 if that was your idea no problem but it might help with the confusion if you edited that to stop any potential confusion to the admin since you have no class you get no bonus so your total points should be 26 not 20

2nd is power girl will work and the best part is she is currently in a mission that is almost done so sorry to say this character cant be in it and even if he could it is a villain mission. but if you do not mind i am accepting your character now and you can put him into the A New Day Supergirl #1 mission placed in metropolis as the person there could use the help especially the help of a kryptonian. If you accept tell me and make a post in that mission stating how you got to metropolis and why and what your character does when he sees the huge demon and the giant nuclear robot destroying the city (read the important characters DC villains and the mission as shown thus far to find out what that is about)

I accept this character but i still need to know about the stats as I do not want you to be underpowered and have problems playing.

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