A New Day Nebula: Breaking All Ties

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A New Day Nebula: Breaking All Ties

Post  Admin on Sun May 12, 2013 4:06 pm

((Ok for the prequels I am setting it up as a mini series where each issue represents the past of each member of the X-Men Xamples.))

((Note this is a rework of a mission due to some character designs being edited))

As Nebula and his team drive to go deal with their business Nebula looks over to his friends and remembers how they were before him and they became mutants. He sees the 4 playing together back when they were in the 4th grade in William Syzmanski's house playing and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Patricia Zajac draws the flowers outside the window when suddenly she would perk her head up and say "Maybe after I'm done my drawing the flowers, I'll draw you guys. You guys would look good in a portrait." prompting Iggy Wieczorek to say "Yea right. I'm sure none of us would look good in a picture especially Will over there hahahahah." Iggy is playing chess with Nebula at the chess table to the right of the room and looking at people when he talks to them. William says while watching the cartoons jokingly "Yea right Iggy. I'm sure you would look uglier than me on paper. Quit your kidding Patricia." Patricia says "No, I am serious." the group laughs as she makes a jigglypuff esque puffy cheek anger face tapping her foot. Iggy loses to Nebula who notices his strategy of waiting for the enemy to come to him and reacting accordingly by strengthening his defense Iggy saying "Well you got me guess I should have been paying attention. Then again you always win." William says "You always beat all of us James. You make a very good strategist." William then says "You guys getting hungry." The group says "Yea!" in unison. Iggy says "What should we have." Patricia suddenly yells out "Why don't we get pizza!" . . .

just as she said that the Patricia in reality said the exact thing which made Nebula break his train of thought. William says "We can't do that now Patricia. Were on a job." prompting Patricia to say "Oh thats right. So what job are we doing." The driver who is a friend of Williams father (crime boss of the Polish Mob) says "It's just a quick bank heist. with your powers it should be easy." Patricia says to Nebula "So what were you thinkin about? You were lost in the clouds there for a bit." sitting with her upper body turned to him and having her left hand knuckle first on her hip and the other hand under her chin elbow on the arm of the seat with a smile on her face. The pose suggests she is teasing Nebula but is still curious about the what it was Nebula was thinking about. Iggy would also look over at Nebula curious as well saying "Yea you have been quiet the whole trip. Planning a strategy for a simple bank heist?" They wait for Nebula to answer.

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Re: A New Day Nebula: Breaking All Ties

Post  jamwalsh on Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:04 am

As Nebula snapped back into reality, he realized that his group was arriving at their destination. Not too much, just what we should do afterwards. he would say to Patricia. I like the pizza idea though, let's do it.

Nebula would then climb up to the front of the van to talk to Will and the driver. how much longer Dimitri? It's late and we're getting tired back here. He would then turn to will and say What kind of information do we have on this place? How do we get in?


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