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Admin's Characters

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:55 pm

Name: Jack Edwards (Green Lantern)
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Green Lantern
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 148 lbs
Nationality: American
Languages: English

Appearance: Will post picture later
Jack is a average white male who wears a black, white and green hooded jacket and a t-shirt with the green lantern insignia, a pair of black and green track pants and a pair of black and white and green running shoes. (Though the colors and the insignia are not present when his powers are inactive his pants are just black and white, his shirt is just white, his shoes are black white and red, and his hooded jacket is black white and red.) He has short brown hair with the front moussed up a bit. he also wears a watch that is just black. He also wears a plain black cap under the hood.

Background: Jack was an ordinary human who played video games excessively, kept in shape, and was a nerd in school. He would often get picked on but always would defend his friends from harm. One day after several green lanterns died in the Blackest Night event, When the rings were all sent out one in particular went to space sector 2814 specifically Earth. At that time Jack was at a grocery store when a mugger hit the store owner. Jack tried to stop the mugger who had only a cast on him. This did not turn out well as the mugger dodges him and hit him in the back with the cast. As he tried to leave he realized that Jack was still holding on to his pants and would not let go. The mugger then repeatedly hit him in the head with the cast until he finally lets go. As he leaves a strange green ring comes down and forces it's way onto Jacks finger saying, "Jack Edwards of Earth. You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to The Green Lantern Corps." The ring then gave him power and Jack used it to take down the mugger and return the stolen goods. He was then called to Oa to be taught by the other Green Lanterns on how to be a Green Lantern. It was soon evident that Jack was not the most physically strong but that he had a great intellect and a will that could match Kyle Rayner's. Though he has not been a Lantern for more than a few days they believe that he has a bright future ahead.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: The only weapons he has are his Green Lantern Ring and Green Lantern. He is not that skilled at using it yet but will be eventually.


Strength: ★★ 2 (1 + 1)
Intelligence: ★★★★★★ 6
Willpower: ★★★★★★★★ 8 (6 + 2)
Speed: ★★★★ 4
Durability: ★★ 2
Personality: ★★ 2 (1 + 1)

Powers: See Green Lanterns

Weaknesses: See Green Lanterns

Mentor: Salaak

NPC's/ SideKicks: None

RP Sample: During a training mission Stel brought the trainee lanterns to a planet known for having frequent lightning storms and earthquakes. "Now your goal in this exercise is to collect The dummy at the bottom of a chasm several feet from here." During the mission one of the other Lantern Trainees was about to be hit by lightning. "LOOK OUT!!!" Jack in a bid of heroism Jumped in front and used his shield barrier to block the lightning. Unable to hold it the shield broke and Jack was lying on the ground hurt. Stel angry at his needless disregard for his own life decided to drag this particular trainee to a clearing. "Okay. You want to be a hero. Then let us see how you do against me. You must get past me in order to get the dummy. Your teammates cannot help you." Jack would look at the chasm and then look at Stel. "Well if that is what I have to do then Let us get this over with. Do you think 30 minutes would do it." Stel dealt several massive blows to Jack and Jack just block them as best as he could but was obviously no match for Stel. "Give up Trainee Edwards you are no match for me. Take into account your own life and quit." Jack just slowly got back up and readied himself once more. Stel angry at this beat Jack up harder. "Lantern Edwards quit now or suffer the worst pain you have ever faced." Jack would get up to one knee and wipe the blood on his lips. "You mean that was not the worst pain I ever felt in my life, because I don't remember getting hurt more than I have today." Jack would suddenly launch 3 GAME OVER words at Stel. Then he slips a small UFO construct past Stel without him noticing. Stel just blocks the 3 attacks and continues to pummel him. He would smack Jacks hand every time he would try to use his ring. Stel grabs Jack by the neck and raise him off the ground. "Is there something you want to say Lantern Edwards before your time runs out." Jack would smirk at Stel. "Yea, cough . . . Game Over." Jack would use his ring once more commanding the UFO to drop the dummy just outside the chasm. Stel would look at the construct barely flicking into existence as if it was about to fade and back at Jack and drop him to the floor. "Well done Lantern Edwards. Get him into the camp . . . Now." Jack would smirk on the ground as the other Lanterns pick him up and takes him into the camp.

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Re: Admin's Characters

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:13 am

Name: Nero Augustus (Gaius)
Age: 710
Race: Elemental (Plant/Earth)
Gender: Male
Class: None
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 328 lbs
Nationality: Italy
Languages: English

Appearance: In his human form is a very tall black haired white guy with a goatee and a crew cut he wears average clothing for whatever time period has. In the case of this new modern era he wears a muscle shirt and jeans and in the winter wears a brown leather coat and hat with it. He wears leather shoes. In his elemental form he looks like a heap of rubble and plants formed into a humanoid shape (see image below)

Background: In the land of Faerie a fey by the name of Eryndir was living a simpler life. As a son of Auberon he watched the humans of the era waging war and suffering many casualties from constant battles. But one day he saw his brother raising an army of creatures to overthrow Auberon. Knowing that the humans he loved so much were also in danger In an attempt to save everyone he collected a group of fey who were loyal to Auberon and created an Elemental with immense power (rivaling The Hulk.) which although weakened them was successful. He was given the power of emotion by Eryndir said to be the greatest power of all. The elemental called Gaius defeated the army of his brother. His brother was banished to the mortal realm and was unable to return to the land of Faerie. However Auberon told Eryndir that Gaius was not allowed to stay in Faerie as he was not a fey. So sending Gaius to the mortal realm he ended up resting in Rome during the Ancient Roman era with a family called the Augustuses. Showing his compassion Eryndir placed a spell on Gaius that would transform him into that of a human boy so that he could be among the other humans which erased his memory of his past and who he is and would allow him to grow with the populace until his 30th birthday when he would no longer age. He also placed an enchantment on the spell that stated that "For as long as the meek need saving. You will once again gain the power of Gaius" which would turn him into Gaius for as long as people needed him thus only when a threat was Strong enough that he would need to intervene. Soon Gaius was renamed Nero Augustus and was one with the people. But Nero questioned his existence and what his purpose was as he realized that he was not like the other humans and did not age like them. Eryndir decided that he would take it upon himself to guide the creature along his life by talking to him and only showing himself to the elemental. Now in the modern era Eryndir's brother has returned now a Ruin Chanter a fey of death and destruction. with an army of Ruin Elementals he plans on taking over this land to use it for conquest of Faerie. At this time Gaius (Known as Nero on the mortal realm) Had realized that he was immortal and was told by Eryndir that he had a purpose in this world and that that purpose would be brought into light eventually. When Eryndir's brother started enslaving and/or killing the people of Rome and destroying the city Nero once again became Gaius and began trying to help the people. Now he lives to save people from Eryndir's brother and the Ruin Elementals he creates. turning back into Nero when he is not needed with Eryndir there to aid him when Nero needs him.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: His skill is not in the form of weapons or any skill. He just uses his fists and feet to beat his opponent to submission. His skill in hand to hand is equivalent to The Hulk


Strength: 8
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2
Durability: 8
Personality: 2

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina. His body has a regenerative healing factor as Gaius through the plants in his body and the earth that he is made out of but it does not save him from dying. He is also immune to diseases and viruses and earth based attacks. As Nero he only has Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina

Weaknesses: As an elemental of earth water can harm him. As an elemental of plant fire can harm him as well as sheer concussive force.

Mentor: Red Tornado

NPC's/SideKicks: Eryndir

Class: Sorcerer

Appearance: See picture below


Strength: 2
Intelligence: 8
Willpower: 2
Speed: 8
Durability: 2
Personality: 6

Powers: Fairy Magic. has a vast variety of spells to assist his ally including sleep and stun spells, attack spells etc. He has superior strength, teleportation, flight

Weaknesses: Less durability and less stamina. Kinda frail.

Mentor: Auberon

RP Sample: Nero notices a large robot attacking the populace. Nero hears the words "For as long as the meek need saving. You will once again gain the power of Gaius" and Nero transforms into Gaius. Gaius attacks the robot by punching it in the face. The robot recovers and attacks with electricity. Not affecting him he charges and punches the robot again saying "Rraaggh!" The robot recovered and punched Gaius multiple times rapidly eventually causing Gaius's face to crack and fall apart repairing very quickly. Eryndir stuns the robot using a bind spell saying "I can help you. Gaius" in an echoey voice as Gaius punches it knocking it down saying "Stay down." he then grabs the robot and swings it around the street throwing it into a wall. He then punches him 3 times the last time through the wall as the robot lands Gaius lands on his legs breaking them, stomps onto the lower torso and punches him in the face several times until it stopped moving. He breathed a sigh of relief and said "It is over. Thank you freind for assisting me." He says as he looks up. He then walks out and transforms back his duty fulfilled for today. He comes across a little girl who offers him a flower. He smiles and says "Thank you." as he takes the flower. Nero walks away into the sunset and towards his next fight.

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