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Monsoon (Vinio2323)

Post  vinio2323 on Mon May 13, 2013 12:00 pm

Real Name: Xevazoh Vas Phulcalc

Fake Name: Lara Samson (Police body currently in)

Current Alias: Monsoon

Real Age: 750

Apparent Age: 19

Race: Slimvox (A small race a parasitic slime like aliens, this character will have a picture and racial traits to explain them in greater detail below)

Racial Background: The Slimvox are a race of gelatinous people. Their bodies are made up of mostly water, and also contain sugar and multiple other chemical residues. This race is few in number and tends to extinct every planet they visit, causing there to be little record of them beyond myth. They can eat anything and everything simply by absorbing it and turning their bodies into an acid that melts them and digests them. Because of their sugar content they look slightly greenish and if ingested would taste similar to 'mountain dew'. However it is ill advised to eat these creature because if any of them is ingested you'll become a slave to their whims. (more explained below in powers etc)

Gender: Female (by human standards, technically they are asexual though)

Height: Varies, but averages around 6ft.

Weight: Varies, but averages around 120lbs

Alignment: Villian

Class: None

Universe: Marvel

Nationality: Nomadic Species...

Base Of Operations: An underwater base ad the bottom of Marianas Trench, Pacific Ocean, although rarely goes there, its where her ship landed.

Occupation: Criminal

Languages: Understands most human languages, but can speak Slimvox, and english very well.


Background: Xev was born as a Slimvox, and has always tended to her nature. She has extinct a total of 5 worlds to date. Four of those worlds only contained plant and or minimal creature life, however one planet had a race of aliens known as the Zenome. Don't look to into it because that race no longer exists. Every planet she has visited she has enslaved and eaten until there was nothing left. Gaining knowledge of a planet known as Pison 6 to the Zenome, but in actuality it was Earth. They had been trying to communicate with Earth, but lacked the technology. After eating this race she retained some of their knowledge of earth and flew to what seemed to be a decently intelligent planet, or more accurately the next world to go extinct.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: Xev fights unarmed, why, because she is basically a living weapon. She prefers to either grapple and eat her victims by absorbing them, or turning her body to acid to hit her opponents and sear their bodies. She also takes delight in force feeding herself to an enemy to kill them from inside.


Strength: 11 (+1) = 12
Speed: 5
Dexterity: 2
Durability: 10 (+1) = 11
Constitution: 10 (+2) = 12
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 1
Charisma: 12

Powers: All powers of Vex are racial.

Slime Body: Having a body made of a semitransparent liquid allows Vex to absorb blows that would cut, pierce, or deal blunt damage to her without taking damage. They can however disassemble her causing her to break into smaller pieces. This body also allows her to take various shapes and squeeze into any spot water could flow. This also allows them to grow when they absorb bodies of water. However they have trouble in extreme heat and cold as it can evaporate or shatter their bodies, as well as they conduct electricity very well...

Ingest-able Control: The Slimvox have the innate ability to control anything that ingests them. Therefore they have a tendency to get themselves eaten on purpose. This allows them to dominate a persons mind, if they are strong willed it takes longer, but the change is inevitable while part of them are inside their prey. They can even put their entire body inside of another to control them or eat them from the inside out. Their bodies also have a lot of sugar, making them very tasty to most creatures, causing some to eat them voluntarily, but they aren't beyond force feeding their prey.

Acidic Body/Digestion: The Slimvox eat by absorbing and digesting their prey. This process is quick and very painful. If the prey doesn't drown inside the body of the Slimvox first, their body is slowly resolved by the creature until there is nothing left. Normally their body has no acidic properties, however they can easily change this through a chemical reaction. This also makes touching them with flesh or weapons dangerous as they can digest them. They can even dissolve metal, a little slower however. This digestion process adds a little of the absorbed creatures knowledge to they slimvox's own. This is their main purpose to gain the knowledge of every species in the universe.

Bonus Powers: Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Charisma, Enhanced Memory

Weaknesses: Vex is weak to extreme cold which will freeze parts of her body and slow her down. Also extreme heat can evaporate and kill her cells (heat, not fire, she can put out fire). She also conducts electricity which deals extra damage to her.

Mentor: ???

NPC's/SideKicks: None atm.

Police officer X2

Police officer:
Type: Human Minion (28pt minion)
Strength: 1
Speed: 2
Dexterity: 6
Durability: 3
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 6

Specialty: As a police officer he/she has respect of the people and an understanding of the law and it's workings. Also after ingesting some of Vex he/she are 100% loyal to Vex even to death.

RP Sample:

VEX = Green
Police1 = Blue
Police2 = purple
Police3 = olive

Flying above the earth Vex noticed the large amounts of water this planet contained. It was rare to find such an abundance, she might want to stay here for a long while. She also noticed cities, which suggested a higher intelligence species, a more delicious food source. She scanned the planet as she came down and saw the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. She would crash her ship into the water there, and land it at the bottom of the trench. She would exit the ship into the ocean and swim to the surface as a passing cruise liner came by. Perfect her first victims.

Vex would swim over to the ship and slide up the side to the deck. She would notice a human there with a primitive weapon, some kind of powder gun. She would flow up behind him, and stop as the officer turned. He would stare blankly at the puddle on the ground before him, confused as to where it came from, but shrugging it off since he was on a ship after all. "I better call the custodians later…"

As he turned again vex would see another officer heading over. These must be the human's defines, how pathetic. She would flow over to the officers feet and quickly cover his body with hers. He would attempt to scream and instead swallow a mouthful of her body, panicking and starting to drown himself. The other officer who was headed over would quickly draw her gun in shock as Vex formed around the male officer inside of her.

Vex would smile as the officer yelled something she didn't understand. Vex simply moved closer to the officer, who in panic fired her gun, accidentally shooting her partner inside of Vex. The blood flowed out and Vex tasted it, she quickly absorbed the officer inside of her licking her lips. "What a wonderful taste. Your race has so much sugar and water inside." She had learned the english language from the officer she just absorbed.

"What did you do to him!" the other officer yelled.
Vex smiled, "Well technically I ate him, but you're the one who killed him."

The female officer would fire at Vex again, emptying his gun as the other officer finally ran over. All the bullets simply went through Vex. Vex smiled and moved over to the officer. "You have spirit and hate, I like that. Why not help me out."

The officer shook his head in disagreement, "That wasn't a question."
Vex would grab the officers face and force some of herself up the officers nose in a down into his stomach. Vex would release the officer as he fell to the ground gripping his head in pain. The other officer, a female simply watched in panic, seeing that bullets didn't work the officer grabbed her friend and tried to flee. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Vex would yell as the officer ran off.

A moment after the officer made it around the corner her partner would let go of his head and stand up. He would smile at her, "What a fight huh? Thanks for getting me out of there." She would smile back at him, "Your welcome, but how do we deal with that thing?"

With that the male officer would stand and put the female officer in a hold, "We don't deal with her, we help her."

"What are you doing?" she would yell and flail unable to break the officer's grip.

"Because he realizes that I am the new master here, that this world is mine now." Vex would say appearing in front of the terrified woman.

"Will this suffice my lady?"

Vex would smile, "Yes, thank you, just hold her for a few more moments."

Vex would smile at the female officer, a smile of pure hunger and hate. "You will sit me quite well. A fine vessel."

As the officer began to cry vex put her hands over the officers mouth and forced her way inside her, until she was completely inside of the female officer. The female officer writhed in pain for a minute until.

"You can let me go now, I have her." Vex took complete control of the officers body using it as her own while in this foreign world. It would be easier to approach the other humans looking like a human. Obviously this race had not met too many aliens before, if any.

With that the officer let her go and the two continued the ship ride to the mainland. They would stop off in new york.

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Re: Monsoon (Vinio2323)

Post  Admin on Mon May 13, 2013 2:12 pm

1st off i has an idea for the hero to fight this already and both that and this character are awesome.

one little mistake on my part i did not tell you that when you make a race you have 4 points thet you can put into any stat and they are the races point bonus ex say i make a race of intelligent beings that have great authority and intimidation they gain a +2 on intelligence and charisma. now you only get 4 but you can spread them as thin as you want ex an alien race gains a +1 on strength, speed, durability, and intelligence.

Oh and you were great at picking powers as I was allowing for the race to be like a heroes powers (up to 3 major powers and 4 minor powers) so yea good job there on your part.

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Re: Monsoon (Vinio2323)

Post  vinio2323 on Mon May 13, 2013 3:07 pm

Thats awesome, but can I have multiple enemies? Allie is going to post a hero soon and she's from marvel as well, but eventually they were to become enemies.

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Re: Monsoon (Vinio2323)

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