Symbiote character

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Symbiote character

Post  Nightmare696 on Wed May 22, 2013 2:24 pm

(( This is setting up for my symbiote to be bonded to Nyako, so there is not much i can determine until she finds it. ))

Real Name: none

Fake Name: refers to whatever it is called...does not see much of a point in names.

Current Alias: none

Real Age: a baby (newly created)

Apparent Age: undetermined

Race: Symbiote

Gender: Genderless

Height: a few centinmeters (tiny blob thing)

Weight: almost weightlesss

Alignment: none

Class: none

Universe: Marvel

Nationality: ??

Base of Operations: currently none, but it is currently taking over a small bird

Occupation: None, Symbiotes don't get jobs.

Languages:bird for now

Appearance: Currently a tiny blob type thing that has escaped a lab which it was being breeded has taken over a small bird which looks quite similar to a black crow with its disguise. It is temporarily using it until it can find a more suitable host that it can use.

Background: It being no more than just a baby at its state, it has no physical shape, only looking like a puddle of black tar moving around on its own. Since the Symbiote has become much more common to the planet earth, scientists have been tempted in the risk of capturing these creatures and putting them through tests. But how can you blame them with such a fascinating species? They can adapt to almost anything. This little guy was born at M.I.B headquarters, escaping through the sewers just after dark. With no physical form it found a way to ooze out from the containment it was in. When it escaped it began its journey by taking over small animals like birds so it could fly, eventually ending up in the big city where it would begin to consume more and gain more knowledge from its currently has made its way to the big city of New York.

Weapons and fighting skill:

It does not use any weapons or really fight per just consumes. Taking over whatever it can to survive.


(( In current bird form, it is still developing and still fairly weak. ))

Strength: 3 +1
Speed: 2 +1
Dexterity: 5
Durability: 8 +1
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 5
Charisma: 2 +1 (Personality?)


Feeding on hosts adrenaline, and depending on the host's resources like the brain which gives it knowledge, it learns from what it takes.

ability to sense the thoughts and emotions of sentient creatures

Genetic memory.

Reproduce A-sexually.

Immunity to most weapons , can create a way of breathing underwater for their host's , can heal their host's with a strong bond.

latent psychic abilities, allowing them to respond to the thoughts of their hosts, and each other.

The symbiote amplifies the strength of its "wearer" ((Ex. Nyako which is why i made it currently really weak until it becomes bonded.))

Can take powers from being strongly bonded with a particular hosts ((Nyako's teleporting or claws.))


Symbiotes aren't able to bond with hosts who have high levels of vitamin C in their blood streams.

Can be send the symbiote and host alike into a shock if they are forcibly separated.

Cannot attach itself or remain on a dead corpse or dead tissue.

Mentor: Since it will be attaching itself to Nyako shall i say still Wolverine since it is still Nyako, maybe in the future when it becomes its own person i would like Venom to take it in as a mentor.

Rp Sample: Symbiote (Crow) does not speak, Nyako Indigo ,Typhoon Cyan

The Symbiote would study the humanoid creatures as they walked by, the bird's body would not hold forever and thus the symbiote needed a real host it could feed off of. It studied every human that passed by, but it could not just take anyone. It wanted a host that could make it stronger. That's when it discovered the mutants, something much more advanced than a regular human. It followed a mutant couple on their way to the school of mutants, a safe haven for young mutants.

"So...did you have fun?" Typhoon asked curiously as Nyako seemed quiet on their walk back to the school. Nyako seemed as though she was in deep thought, she looked at him with a smile, "It was nice..." The symbiote would over hear them talking as it quietly followed them, flying from tree to tree. Typhoon gave her a concerned look, as if she didn't like their hangout or almost as what you would call a date, she noticed his reaction and spoke, "Ergh....sorry...i liked hanging out together, im just not really use to having someone to talk to and stuff...ive never even hung out with a guy before now." Typhoon smiled, "I'm happy you enjoyed it." He didn't say much more, he knew that as long as she knew he understood it was fine. The symbiote studied them carefully until they got into the school, they went to the training grounds to have some fun and strengthen their abilities. The symbiote seemed quite fascinated with Nyako's specifically, making her its number one target.

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Re: Symbiote character

Post  Admin on Wed May 22, 2013 8:14 pm

ok you must be reading my mind as i had planned for venom and carnage to bear offspring for the story i am planning. You see symbiotes that are in contact with energy blasts from the entity (Nyako will find out about that next post as she will meet 1 there) or they are transported due to the energy that causes them to transfer to the other universe ex marvel to dc causes them to produce offspring as they are bombarded with vast chaotic energy that is similar to how they normally reproduce so if you want I could make it so that this one is a result of what happened to Venom in the spymaster mission as it was planned he would be hurt by the entity and say thet S.H.I.E.L.D. or one of thier supported companies found the child in the area and collected it and it broke free afterwards. The M.I.B. is more inclined to deal with that kind of issue so it may be them.

In the case of names with a symbiote they gain thier name from either thier host (with thier approval as they work together) ex venom was called venom as they would be the poison that exposed spiderman as peter parker and ruin his life like both of thiers were by spiderman actions, or they make one if thier host is mindless or unable to talk which is rarer but does happen ex lasher when he bonded with a mute and a dog afterwards neither could produce a name but lasher read the mutes mind to find what name he was thinking. so i understand why this one has no name yet birds can't create names. but once bonded I want to see nyako and the symbiote make a name quickly and posted in the character creator quickly ok.

his age would be newborn maybe age 0 and appear as whatever age her or her host looks like.

alignment would probably unknown as it would depend on who it bonds to.

Nationality would be for the planet of the symbiotes though i forget the name of said planet at the moment and that of whatever area she was spawned from if you go with my idea then it would be china if not that would be america. either way it would be a dual class citizen and hence unable to be forced out by the mib's and S.W.O.R.D. 's rules.
languages a symbiote gets are symbiote and whatever race the host is. They also gain any language of thier parent or previous host

A symbiote can assume any color so you are not bound to just red or black as seen in war of the symbiotes.

Ok so yea good background but idk if you want to go with my idea or not. if you do then we can discuss the details if not this story is fine but be aware that a symbiote gains a special ability that no other gains alot of the time ex carnage with his 360 degree vision, Lasher with his lashing tendrils that he can spawn and scream with her screaming powers keep this in mind. and if you do agree with what i am promoting it will also gain the powers venom had obtained as thier powers pass on from generation to generation ex spidermans powers passed on from Venom (even after they were unfused) to carnage

as for stats i will allow your symbiote to have those stats in this case as you are bonded to a bird and are an infant but when it bonds with another character it will have the stats of whoever it bonds with and the host will gain a benefit from the symbiote equal to its racial plusses

personality became charisma sorry if i did not specify that.

thier mentors are the hosts mentors

finally the rp sample needs to be done for acceptance as i was bieng lenient before and someone never did finish the rp sample so yea hope you don't mind that bit of nitpickyness.

i hope i helped you learn how a symbiote character is made

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Re: Symbiote character

Post  Nightmare696 on Wed May 22, 2013 8:45 pm

the fact that our ideas were so similar i have no problem changing some things around for this xD M.I.B sounds much better than S.H.I.E.L.D especially since i am going to make an alien race that works with the M.I.B but she is going to be a big character so its taking some time to get her profile and everything up.

But perhaps i can link the two, with my character perhaps hunting the symbiote with whoever partner she is with which would end up leading her straight to nyako. I have big plans for Nyako to, that she is going to eventually become possessed by the thing and leave the xmen im hoping Typhoon will try to bring her back xD and adam knows what i have been planning, so she is going to go completely nuts for a while with this thing attached to her.

For it being the offspring of Venom, i completely accept xD Since Venom is one of my most favorite villains and ive been wanting to make a symbiote for the longest time just because of my love for Venom. So this can happen!!

I agree with changing the stats once the symbiote is bonded to Nyako, which i mentioned in my character sheet anyway. So ill do a quick edit on my character sheet now and btw rp sample is up if you want to take a look.

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Re: Symbiote character

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