Valoirnai the Tamaranean

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Valoirnai the Tamaranean

Post  Nightmare696 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:03 am

Real Name: Valoirnai
Fake Name: Violet
Current Alias: None

Real Age: 20
Apparent Age: 20
Race: Tamaranean
Gender: Female

Alignment: Hero

Class: None

Universe: DC

Nationality: Tamaran


Base of Operations: Batcave
Occupation: Helping Batman fight crime in return for a temporary home.

Languages:Tamaraniean, Atlantin, English.

Appearance: (Will post a pic later but at the moment ill just describe her.)

She is tall and slender, pale skin. Her eyes shine a faint purple with a whitish glow, and her hair is a silky white with a purple tint. She wears her old warrior's armor from her planet currently and has not yet created an identity for herself as a regular citizen as she should.   Her armor looks almost like our old knight armor but made out of their strong planet materials, such as the armor being made out of titanium. She has thick shoulder armor pads, chest plate and padding made out of special material to cover her arms , legs and parts of her rib area. A cape also covers her back...much like the Romans. Lastly she has a special head peace that holds special power.

Backstory: She was born on her home planet of Tamaran where she was raised a warrior's life. Her entire purpose was brought up to fight in their wars against the enemy race known as the Gordanians which have already invaded their planet years ago before she was born...during the time of princess Koriand'r's flee (Starfire).
Valoirnai trained hard as a warrior on her planet, always pushing herself to extremes...never knowing when to stop and always driving herself harder...she made the men look bad even in training. It wasn't until the final day of war, she had completed her life's training and was ready to fight for her planet no matter what the situation was. The Gordanians were back...and it was her time to shine! While fighting the alien enemy, she decided to go against the plan...instead of sticking to everyone's strategy she decided to fly up against the enemy ships, thinking she could take them down in the air...without thinking she flew into space and was blasted blind sighted out into space where she was knocked unconscious and fell to earth.

She landed into the ocean which looked like a violet shining commit in the sky. Atlantians found her and brought her to shore, where they stayed with her until she awoke. They did not know where she came from, nor what to think about her fall and how she survived it. Not knowing how to speak English or understand anything about this new world she took one of the Atlantian's and kissed him on the lips, however she did not know if they were the main inhabitant race on this planet, by just assuming she gained a little more knowledge than just what she could have from a human...she learned all of the Atlantian's language as well, giving her to even speak to aquatic animals.
She explained to the confused Atlantian men that how "kissing" was the Tamaranean way of gaining new knowledge and how doing this was the only way she would be able to communicate. The Atlantian's understood and pointed her towards the city where the human's lived, it appeared she had landed near Gotham City, they told her it was most best to go their with the humans where she could learn more.  

Not knowing much about human society works, she thought it would be a lot more effective and faster by just flying around the city like most Tamaraneans. This ended up creating a lot of attention...Of course in Gotham, anything different is usually seen as bad, with Batman being their only main protector it is easy to assume. A lot of misunderstandings soon began, eventually even calling their Batman to help solve their problem. Immediately both were taken as threats, the confused and frightened alien girl and the fearsome Batman about to fight. By discovering her unhumanly powers he knew she couldn't of been from Gotham, he asked where she came from and what her purpose was here, when she told him that she fell from her planet Tamaran not knowing where she was they came to realize that there was no need to fight. Being Batman's city he allowed her to stay as long as she could help keep the city clean of crimes, he even allowed her to stay in the batcave for a while until she felt she could go on her way.

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Growing up as a warrior she knows a lot of additional fighting styles aside from her Tamaranean powers. Such as varieties of martial art moves and unique fighting skills learned on her planet. She does not prefer the use of weapons but her own suit has its own, such as her shoulder blades that also work as shields and her fists and boots which have spikes on them.

STATS 56/56

Strength: ★★★★★★★★★★10  (+2)
Speed:  ★★★★★★6
Dexterity: ★★★★★★ 6
Durability: ★★★★★★★★★★★★ 12
Constitution:★★★★★★★★★★★★ 12
Intelligence: ★★★★★★ 6
Wisdom:  ★★★★ 4(+2)

Powers: Solar Sustenance: Tamaraneans can absorb and process solar radiation, which provides them with strength and vitality. This process also enables Tamaraneans to defy gravity and fly without the need of artificial enhancements.

Bonus Powers: I don't think she has any?

Weaknesses: Earth food, Valoirnai's biggest addiction since coming to earth.

Mentor: No idea...not starfire! (but seriously I don't know much about DC world)

NPC's/Sidekicks: None for now.

Rp Sample: (will post later)

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Re: Valoirnai the Tamaranean

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:56 am

Accepted. You did your research. That's nice to see. I like the idea of this character and she seems like a great candidate for the batcave mission that I had planned but fell short if you want I can restart it using this character.

Ok I checked the age of a tamaranian and it says literally nothing about it so I will assume that they age like a human so yea lets just say 20

Ok so technically your occupation would be a hero given what you say here so yea make of that what you will

Ok I am going to assume by pale skin you mean pale in the sense of tamaranian colors like blackfire maning light orange if I am wrong please tell me

Whats your characters personality I assume impulsive but that's all I got

Ok you need 56 stat points on your character. Though I will accept you may want to do an update on that

Your race apparently give the bonus powers of Enhanced Strength and given that vitality is ones life and stamina it also gives you Enhanced Stamina. The race also gives you Flight (unknown means) but given you race is doing this they don't count into the count of that so you still can pick 4 bonus powers should you wish but they need to be not of the same benefits as the racial traits for it to count on the bonus power counter

Your Race also gives you the power of energy manipulation in the form of the following and Radiation Resistance

Energy projection
Starbolt Blasts
Starbolt Bursts
Starbolt Optic beams

This race gives a lot of benefits I should note that in the races I will when I do the racial update.

lol on the weaknesses love it

In terms of mentors I only know of one surviving good tamaranean and that is starfire now while idk why you do not like her I know that that is not an option so you will have to go outside of race and for that all I see is batman as he took you in and is now giving you the tools to become a hero on earth only one problem bruce is dead atm so you will need to be trained by his replacement for now which is dick grayson also known as nightwing who is also training damian wayne (the new robin) so yea if that is ok tell me if not ill dig deeper.

ok get the rp sample when you can for now this character is accepted and ready for action I will immediately move her to the dc heroes section

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