Daniel Karthan, A.K.A. "Techk"

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Daniel Karthan, A.K.A. "Techk"

Post  Deciltor on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:44 pm

Real Name: Daniel Karthan
Alias: Techk
Real Age: 23
Apparent Age: 20/???
Race: Human/Mutant/Cyborg
Gender: Formerly male, and normally takes the form of one.
Height: "Incognito" form is 5'6, "Casual" form is 6'8. Otherwise it's variable.
Weight: Around 300lbs, average body type, but the weight of millions of tiny metal robots adds up quick.
Alignment: Anti-hero
Class: None
Universe: Marvel
Nationality: Canadian
Base of Operations: Xavior's Mutant Academy
Occupation: Tech-support & Mail-Order Repairs
Languages: English, French, Binary

Appearance: Being an entity of basically no finalized form, Techk's appearance can vary greatly depending on the situation he's in. However normally he sticks to one of two appearances for the sake of his friends and team mates recognizing him.

His "Incognito" form is the one where he appears most human is that of a 20-something computer geek, sporting sizable headphones, t-shirts of various geeky/nerdy types including stuff from webcomics or regular comic books, and lame math puns, a zip-up turtle-neck sweater with black and blue horizontal stripes 2" thick down it, as well as black pants & brown steel-toed Shoes. He has rather short dark-brown hair, and brown eyes on a rather ordinary face. He has an average build for his weight, being made of millions of nanobots threw his weight/height index out the window.

His "Casual" form is his preferred "super hero" look, and as such is vastly different from his human appearance. He stands well over a foot taller as a creature with very angular features, is lacking a face upon it's head, and has a very slim appearance. From his torso down he appears to have no hips and his legs are non-existent. The lower half of his body looks to be a robe bottom of sorts which is spread out and sticks up in points at the edge of it on the floor. When he moves in this form it appears that he glides around on the floor. His "outfit" is just a slightly darker shade than the "skin" colour of his body in this state, which is a silver-grey for "skin" and dark grey for "outfit".

Background: Being a very muted type of mutant, Daniel was never truly aware of his mutation until he reached adulthood and learned of mutants properly. He had visited Xavier's Mutant Academy to find out if he was indeed a mutant or not, which he was concerned about after realizing his ability to diagnose mechanical problems in cars and other machines simply by touching them. He found out that while he was in fact a mutant, his abilities were so mundane that he needn't worry about not having a normal life and lacking in any potential danger in his abilities, he wasn't asked to attend the Academy to learn to control his powers.

As time went on David went into robotics and while making great strides into articulation of robotic prosthesis, he eventually found his way into nano-robotics. Whilst in the middle of researching and experimenting on a small swarm of what he called "Medical Nanobots" he had designed to work as tissue rebuilding robots to rebuild limbs instead of just replacing them for Stark Enterprises, the laboratory he was working in was attacked by the Mandarin and his underlings in an attempt to steal the nanobot technology to bolster their ranks with soldiers using the nanobots for regenerative purposes. In the attack Daniel was beaten, mutilated, and hurled through the containment glass into the nanobots. They immediately attached themselves to his body and began repairing it as he had programmed them to, however they saw his entire organic form as damaged based on improperly programmed damage diagnostic software that he had not finished modifying yet. This caused them to malfunction and use themselves as body part replacements, going berserk and consuming as much metal as possible in range to expedite the "healing" process. Feeling himself being ripped apart on a microscopic level and rebuilt with nanobots caused him so much pain he fell unconscious as the nanobots reached wider and wider for metals.

The Mandarin's forces retreated when their armour and weapons were forcibly ripped from them to feed the transformation in fear that they would be next, and his unconscious body was rebuilt in a formless ball of swarming nanobots searching for metals to bolster their numbers.

Hours later Daniel finally regained consciousness inside Xavier's Academy inside of a containment area much like the one he was working on his nanobots in, and realized his form was neither stable nor human anymore. After weeks of coming to terms with what happened he settled in as the Academy's Network technician and has helped the X-men with missions involving circumnavigating security systems. He does so begrudgingly, as he really doesn't want to participate in the battles between mutants and misses his old life. He has made a habit of practicing his skills by playing pranks on the other students and has developed a bit of a devil may care attitude toward a lot of things, often choosing to mess with new students and running his own tech support/mail order repair business out of his room.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: Being able to alter his form to take on a number of mechanical implements, it could be argued that his whole body is a weapon. Even with his great dislike of combat, he favours ending a confrontation as quickly as possible, often times with killing his assailant if possible. He follows the philosophy of "A dead enemy rarely comes back to attack you again."


Strength: 2+1
Speed: 8
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 10+1
Wisdom: 5+1
Durability: 10+1
Constitution: 6
Charisma: 3

Powers: Previously; Prodigal Technological Talent (incredible technological knowledge for his age), Mechanical Empathy (able to diagnose a construct's malfunction with physical contact with it. This includes robots as well as cars and other mundane objects.)

I'm not sure I can list things here as my character is now a tech-based hero. But as he is essentially now a hive-mind for the nanobots in his body, he can emulate super strength and speed by causing the nanobots to build mechanical implements within his body. He is Omnilinguistic as far as any language that is displayed on the internet with a translator or has software support for learning it, although since those are tenuous at best to use changing from English to other languages is sometimes broken. I don't want him to seem overpowered, but as he is made entirely of nanobots at this point it's rather hard to deal lasting physical damage to him, and putting the processing power of billions of tiny robots to use he can usually multi-task his mind and is often able to bypass security implementations in computer systems within seconds. Notable traits are his essentially amorphous capability allowing him to take all manner of shapes and forms, although he tends to stick with only two "forms" most of the time for simplicity's sake among his peers. He has the ability to absorb metal objects to hasten nanobot regeneration.

Weaknesses: Water removed for creation of water-tight nanobots, although high voltage will still temporarily short circuit him, EMP, and unless he's planning on coming into contact with Magneto any time in the future and takes the time to exchange his nanobots composition to a non-magnetic metal entirely (about a 1 week ordeal as he has to replace every single one of the nanobots that make up his body as well as have access to enough metal to do a full conversion), Magnetism. Computer viruses will cause wild behavioural changes in either his actions or speech capabilities, and sometimes warp his personality and cause mood swings until he recovers from them.

Mentor: Morph, Mentor to Mercury

NPC's/SideKicks: None.

RP Sample:

... Having been patrolling the hallways bored all day so far, Techk was taken aback by the sudden appearance of this girl. "Huh? What's that? What's under my mask you ask?" Techk asked the new student of the Academy, leaning his faceless head in very close to her. She was around 5'8, average build and cute faced, with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. She was wearing regular clothes; sneakers, a well worn pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Umm, yeah, I mean, it has something to do with your power right?" The student responded fidgeting uncomfortably with Techk being in such close proximity. His strange inhuman body with sharp angles hunched down to bring his face level with hers and standing awkwardly before her.

"I guess you could say that. Do you really want to see? I can't guarantee you'll be pleased with the results." Techk had been waiting for someone to ask him this for a while, usually the new students are warned not to ask him questions like that with his usual penchant for mischief. He smiled inwardly to himself in anticipation, 'will she faint, scream, or vomit?' he wondered.

"Err, yes, I'm sure. Bring it on!" The girl said stalwartly, staring at him with confidence that took him aback.

"...Uhh, right. One moment." Techk was now concerned that his usual trick wouldn't work on this newbie, but he figured it was worth a shot regardless. Bringing a long slender finger up to the top of his head, he traced a line down the middle of the front of his head, a line forming along where his finger traced and the "mask" began to split open. When his finger reached his chin, the "mask" flew open revealing numerous clawed tentacles clasping at air with insectoid legs motioning toward a screeching small face with beady eyes and gnashing razor sharp teeth in the middle. 'Heh, I've outdone myself this ti-' His thought process was halted by a solid punch to the head caving the face in.

"Is that all you've got?! I've seen scarier things in horror movies!" She shouted at him before storming off to the dormitories.

"...Huh. Well I guess I have two things to do now, think of better ways to scare the newbies, and modify the betting pool to include punches." Techk mumbled to himself as he re-formed his head and wandered off to class, his metallic body warping and changing to his more human form. 'Bah, I'll just swap her lock with the danger room's keycard lock tomorrow afternoon or something. maybe screw with the automatic doors around the building when she tries to go through 'em. Either way I think I need to pay her back for that punch.' Techk thought to himself as he entered the classroom and shifted his headphones to hang around his neck. He then started his opening lecture on robotics. "Hello everyone, I'm Mr. Karthan, your Robotics professor. Without further ado let's get right to it. The first important thing of robotics is programming. If you do a good enough job of it, you can get whatever you build to do just about anything it's capable of. I'm not saying you could be contracted to hack defense grids and turn the guns on someone's own troops or anything like that. As exciting as that is to hear about someone doing that stuff, you'll mostly only get hired to build and learn the limitations of what you've built is, and overcome said limitations through meticulous re-engineering and re-designing until you get the results they want. Which is why designing and engineering are as important as programming."

Editted to reflect stat point changes.

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Re: Daniel Karthan, A.K.A. "Techk"

Post  Deciltor on Fri Jul 05, 2013 1:05 am

Thanks goes to Nightmare696 for providing me with this awesome drawing and edit combo for Techk's human and hero form! Very Happy 

Hero form Techk, yes I know he looks a bit like Slenderman, believe it or not I've had this character created since I was about 11, so he kinda pre-dates Slenderman. XD

Will edit this post to include the human form soon!


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Re: Daniel Karthan, A.K.A. "Techk"

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:50 pm

Sorry for not doing this before but without any more delay I accept Techk is an amazing character and as you can imagine I have already accepted I just forgot to actually do it lol

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Re: Daniel Karthan, A.K.A. "Techk"

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