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Esmund Grey

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Esmund Grey Empty Esmund Grey

Post  vinio2323 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:53 pm

Name: Esmund Grey
Age: 25yrs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: None (Agent)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155lbs
Languages: English
Nationality: Canadian

Alignment: Anti-hero
Occupation: Secret Agent for Hire

Esmund Grey Esmund11

Background: Esmund Grey was a Detective for the CSIS, the Canadian international intelligence services, and had been in a lot of dangerous situations. He relied on his quick wits and arms skills to get him out of any situation. Eventually on a mission he found the girl of his dreams, her name was Elizabeth Mays. She was a beautiful and mature woman who was just as quick witted as himself. After taking a leave from work to spend time with her it lead to marriage. However after they met disaster stuck...she fell ill with an unknown disease that turned the blood black. She was quarantined and studied... (continued in her background)

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Esmund Grey has weapon prowess in every kind of short range and long range firearm, as well as blades, chains, and almost anything he can use as a weapon.

STR: 10
DEX: 12
SPD: 5
CON: 5
INT: 7
WP: 9
DB: 4

Powers: Extremely Lucky, Enhanced Dexterity, Enhanced Accuracy, Enhanced Reflexes

Combat Prowess: Esmund is trained to be able to pick up anything as a weapon and use it to peak effectiveness.

Martial Artist: Esmund is a black belt in most martial arts. He excels in hand to hand combat.

Black Blood: Esmund has black blood controlled by his wife (see her profile).

Weaknesses: Esmund even with all his prowess is still only human. And despite his apparent strength and skill he has no special abilities or resistances. His wife is his blood, so if they are separated both die.


Name: Elizabeth Grey
Age: 27yrs
Race: Human/Mutant
Gender: Female
Class: None
Height: 5'10"
Weight: N/A
Languages: English
Nationality: British

Background: ...I met a handsome man one day when heading home from my job. He was kind and approachable, we hit it off right away. After only a few short years we even got married. He was a bit of a stick in the mud at times, but I still loved him for it. Then it happened. Mutant genes were a thing more public nowadays and unfortunately I figured something like this might happen. After only a short year together in marriage I was rushed to the hospital with a unknown illness caused by my blood. It was black, something I had seen before, but paid little attention too. He was so worried when they sent me to quarantine. I had passed out for who knows how long, and woke up with Esmund beside me. He was holding my hand as blood seemed from my mouth and ears. I turned to him and smiled, I didn't think I was going to make it. The doctors had no idea what to do, so they let Esmund see me, he explained to me begging me to hold on as I smiled and watched his tears roll down his cheeks splashing onto my tightly clenched hand. My vision went dark as I told him I loved him... (continued in RP sample)

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Liz is a lethal fighter in her own right, but she is more of a weapon herself. Esmund is the wielder as as such she has little fighting experience on her own. She uses her variable mass to help others fight and defend them.

STR: 2
DEX: 2
SPD: 6
CON: 10 +2 = 12
INT: 7
WP: 7
DB: 10 +2 = 12
PERS: 12

Powers: Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Constitution

Black Blood: Liz is made entirely of the black blood and resides within Esmund. She keeps him alive and vice versa. The black blood has various abilities.

Mass Manipulation: The black blood does not seem to have a defined mass. Liz is able to define the mass of her body to make herself as light as air to as heavy as a skyscraper.

Density Manipulation: The black blood does not seem to have a set viscosity. Liz is able to change her state from water to adminium steel.

Shape Manipulation: The black blood does not have a defined shape. Liz is able to change her shape into any person, or object, such as swords and guns.

Iron Blood: Because so many veins exist in the human body, and blood resides throughout. Liz is able to harden blood inside the veins for a split second on impact. This allows Esmund to deal larger amounts of damage with hard punches, and stops anything from piercing or slashing his skin.

Blood Bind: Because Liz is in fact Esmund's blood she cannot easily travel out of his body. A cut must first be made. She must also retain enough of herself inside his veins to keep him alive. However she can still manipulate parts of her body that are not connected. This means that blood that splashes from a sword cut could attack the wielder seperate from the main body.

Weaknesses: Lizbeth cannot live outside of Esmund's body. If she is removed, then they both die.



RP Sample:

Esmund = BLUE
Elizabeth = ORANGE
Others = OLIVE

Esmund sat by the bedside crying as his wife lay lifeless in his hands. "I love you too..."
After a few moments Esmund felt something burning his hand where he had been cut that morning. He looked over and saw the black blood from his wife seeping from her hand over his...or was it...into his?!

His hand's grip locked on its own as all the black blood from his dead wife had begun to flow into the cut in his hand. His whole body burned in pain and he spit up blood like mad as the black blood replaced his own. After about 2 minutes of writhing agony the pain stopped and he puked up what he assumed was the last of his original 5L of blood. He looked at his hand to see it was healed over with a black scar.

Panicked and confused he ran from the hospital back to their house. What had happened, was he going to die next...was this blood alive? Did it kill his wife before him? He locked himself in his house and lay on the bed taking time to breathe and think.

"Where am I?" a voice could be heard from sounded like his wife.

"Oh great...I'm going crazy..." Esmund thought as he rolled over.

"What's going on? Is that you Essie?" Esmund paused for a moment after hearing the voice again. Something was definitely wrong. If he was hallucinating then why was the hallucination asking him if he was there.

Esmund sat up and looked around quickly, but didn't see anyone. "Why is my head moving on its own..." Esmund stopped, his head and hands started to move and look down flipping his hands over each other.

"AH Esmund! Where am I?!" the voice yeleld in his head and he grabbed his ears as his head rang.

Esmund just paused and layed back down. After taking a deep breath, "Elizabeth?"

There was a long pause, then "Esmund?"

Esmund just began to cry from joy as he pieced together what had happened in his head before saying it aloud. "Your alive! Somehow you lived! Your me?"

Esmund would look at his hand as he explained all that had happened, "How is this possible..." Esmund shrugged off the thought, "Does it matter? I got you back, I could care less how it happened!"

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Esmund Grey Empty Re: Esmund Grey

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:44 pm

1st off you missed what universe he belongs to is he marvel or dc. though given ones a mutant I think I know where he belongs.

2nd a lot of Canadian characters entering the forum lately lol.

3rd elizibeth has 60 points on her you may need to drop her down a peg.

4th the concept is good as I doubt she died and just turned to blood but one idea I had to explain the blackness of the blood aside from its just part of the mutant power is it is a sideffect of having the legacy virus. you may have to look it up but it would explain it.

5th esmund does not need to lose his blood to have her fused with him. blood mimicry as I see it allows for the user to fuse their blood with others and separate it at will while in blood form. so idk if you care but that could be done should you wish.

6th for mentors I recommend Psyloche she has had issues with multiple people in one body though in a different sense.

7th accepted ill allow you to fill in the gaps as you wish what mission will you do there is the cube, stark tower, and avengers academy

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