Halloween Horror

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Halloween Horror

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:57 pm

For Halloween I plan on doing several posts in a post a thon starting with doing all of the solo series I did not post in (including a new one for Necelis but that one may be delayed by a day or 2 as I figure out the premise/idea for it.) following up with a post in the X-Men mission involving the Brotherhood of evil mutants (Provided everyone has posted if not I will find something else to do) accepting several characters one for dc hero one for marvel hero one for marvel villain etc until all types have a new character cause I should have done that long ago(posts will follow shortly, if there is a type that has no new characters I will do another in a more popular category) and finally ending with a Halloween themed episode of a marvel or dc tv show of the past just to get you in the spirit. I hope you enjoy my new stuff and I look forward to your following posts.

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