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Mariza the Yashumi

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Mariza the Yashumi Empty Mariza the Yashumi

Post  Nightmare696 on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:48 pm

Real Name:Y015 (slave name)
Fake Name: Mariza (means of the sea.) 
Current Alias:  None

Real Age: 17
Apparent Age: Looks about mid 20s

Race: Yashumi
Racial Background:The Yashumi are an aquatic amphibious race of humanlike beings with body spikes and a long bladed tail. They live life on land and in oceans, able to breathe in water and on land. They are a race that has little stature in the universe. They are a shy race and tend not to stand out in any organisations, but they are always around.

The Yashumi are average sized human like aquatic people. They average at 4-6’ in height, and live anywhere from 60-140 years, maturing around the age of 17. Their race is quite light do to their nature for swimming and are about 40-120lbs on average. They have a tail with a blade on the end for defense, though many will ever use it, and body spikes which they can spike up like a blowfish when threatened. Their race lay eggs and their relationships only last until each birthing. One female can have as many males as she wishes.

Gender: Female
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 113lbs
Alignment: Hero , neutral good.
Class: M.I.B
Universe: Marvel
Nationality: Comes from planet Xiu X5, her slave planet with an inhabitant of mixed species that have been bread there as their home planet, all of which are given code names due to their race and how many are in their section.
Base of Operations: M.I.B Headquarters
Occupation: working as an agent for the M.I.B
Languages: Basic English

Appearance: She has two separate forms due to the M.I.B code, she must live by a secret identity.  (Pic soon)

Alien form:Her natural skin color is a pinkish tint...a little closer to violet. Her hair is a darkish red with purple highlights and light pink tints. Her Eyes are white, pupils unseen with a unique mask that covers her face...much like raccoons it is a racial thing where all Yashumi are born with a specific mask that highlights their tribe. In her case she would not know which tribe she has come from due to her being born on her slave planet.
A little more physical traits are her ears , webbed fingers and toes, all webbed and she has gills for water breathing and special quills that layer her skin for protection, these quills can be set off If felt in danger and spike the enemy which grow back in seconds. Lastly Is the uniqueness of her long tail which has a scythe like end to it , make out of the same bone like material as her quills.

Human form:Her human form looks just like any normal teenage girl, that who works for the M.I.B in secret. Her hair is still kept the same color but the rest of her body looks like a complete normal human. You can now see her eyes as well. She has light pigmented skin and she wears a sea shell necklace that she found in the ocean when she fell to earth, she thinks it is good luck. She wears normal every day clothes and her M.I.B suit when on the job...which is pretty much always.

Mariza the Yashumi Yashum11

MIB Uniform - 

Mariza the Yashumi Mariza10



She was born on the planet Xiu X5, a harsh desserty slave planet where she was hatched with a number of other yashumi younglings (her brothers and sisters), along with an odd mix of other species. It was rumoured amongst slaves on this planet that the planet was never always inhabitable... that it was just a wasteland until the monsters that brought us here came. They are called the "Shifters", rumour has it that they came to build this empire on this new planet as a decoy to their own...a safe haven or some sort of war base. Growing up, her brotherin and sisters were separated from eachother and tagged and named by codes since the moment we hatched...her's was Y015 meaning Yashumi #15..there are 50 or so hatchlings...she never knew her parents, so trying to determine how many adult Yashumi there were is unknown...most new borns are taken away by force from their parents...normally forced to bread.
She was tossed into a shed growing up with a mix of different younglings, each were taught their own language by the elderly...passed down by the Shifters who taught them, the Shifters would communicate to the slaves using this special language but used their own language in secret.

Growing up life was tough, life was full of work and pain and wonder... no one knew where they came from, taught that they live here on this planet...the children were the worst, they are easiest to manipulate in believing this is their true home. But some are smarter than that growing up, Y015 began questioning the others about life, she was curious and willing to find out anything even if it met her life. All their life , the harder you worked the better rewarded...if not than likely you were slaughtered. Over the years growing up, likely the older ones were taken to the slaughter or just disappeared... Y015 grew more curious about that matter and why they were here.

As she grew older, the more friends she began to lose...and family. She never stopped working if it meant her life would be executed...nor did she ever care anymore that her friends were being taken away and leaving her a lonesome life. Eventually it came to her falling sick from exhaustion...her body was not getting enough water. She normally would have to take a bucket of water with her and drench herself for her gills to breath and for her to work harder. The shifters took it as if she went down and was ready to be taken, she woke up later on a stretcher being pulled into their palace. Unable to understand what they were talking about in their own strange language, she began to panic. They brought her into a medical room where she assumed they were going to treat her, but the stressful and terrifying thoughts came back again as they stared her down with a needle, ready to hold her down...the panic set in...She screamed and pushed until her quills set off and shot one of them in the jugular, where their purplish blood sprayed the room, another was beheaded by her tail...and from there...she took off and ran!

The palace was huge with an outer city of their race, she had ran out faster than she ever had, with just the rags on her body. The blood drenched her body from where she killed the Shifters. Creating a panic among the city dwellers, she ran with guards all over the city and palace chasing her, where her only means of protection was shooting off her quills and slowing them down.  She ran until she found a room with ships and pods, she took her chances of taking one of the small star ships, unknowing on how to even fly one she took chances, one of the the pilot shifters catching her by trying to pull her out of the vehicle she instead took him by her tail and into the ship with her. (In her own language) "Your going to drive this thing or I will kill you right here!!" She shouted in her own tongue, the Shifter knew from the seriousness in her voice she would do it, not being a fighter it did what she said and drove for her. She had her tail's scythe at the end of his throat and curled around his neck in case he tried something.
A fleet of ships trailed behind them, she ordered to shoot them down as the frightened Shifter drove,    "I DONT CARE WHERE WE LAND AS LONG AS ITS ON  A PLANET FAR FROM YOURS!!!" The ship was taken down by one of the ships behind them, suddenly crashing at full speed , falling into the planet "earth"....a planet not yet discovered by the "shifters". The ship fell fast , burning up as they entered the planets atmosphere...the young Yashumi took chances by leaving the Shifter to die as she exited the ship and dove into the planet's ocean. She only survived by landing in the vast giant ocean that covers 90% of the earth's surface. Her body instantly adapting due to her race, she had never actually swam or anything before...never did she use her quills or tail or knew what they were for...but she knew she belonged in the water.

She thought her nightmare would end... but truly it wasn't. There a monstrous fish like creature spotted her in the dephs of the ocean and took her captive. Where she would soon find herself in the top secret base known as S.O.R.U.S.
Mariza the Yashumi Strugl10

In Sorus...

Mariza the Yashumi Yashum10

Stuck in a tube..watched by scientists as they studied her. S.O.R.U.S is a place quite similar to Area 51 or the M.I.B..but much illegal due to what happens in there. And whats worst is that... they specify in anything non human and will do anything to not let them leave...once never come out. She had no idea how long she was there when she awoke...or where she was. Immediately assuming she was captured by the Shifters again and taken back. The scientists...the humans could not understand her strange language, especially with her gurgled voice behind the tank full of water.
When they realized she was conscious they drained her fluids and emptied her into a bigger, more aquarium like area. Filled with water and a land area for her to sit around...looked much like a giant turtle aquarium.  They realized she couldn't understand them and figured it would be best to keep it that way...they wouldn't want her to learn anymore due to learning the human language. They continued to keep her in that tank as her "new home", treating her like a freak show. The scientist were cruel...anything more different then themselves normally got the worst out of life in Sorus. She was constantly pulled in and out of surgery, as they tried to figure out her from the inside out...and of what they could do to her. One of the scientist like the thought of her being brainwashed and becoming an underwater seeker that could capture more subjects...another wanted to switch out her organs and give her a new brain...making her cybernetic...they all had unique plans of their own of what could be done...soon realizing they should put both to the test. They replaced parts of her body with fake organs, took out her heart with a more engineered/enhanced one, they injected her body with a fluent that made her bones and everything into metal...where her quills now turned to metal with her body and her tail was much more deadly. They were trying to create a weapon they could usual. They took a liking to her natural weapons and wanted to make her into something more...they could make better robotic copies even if they wanted to. When they were done with her, they put a collar on her, a shock collar to be precise and dumped her back into the tank where she would cover into a corner. The scientists watched her everyday...trying to test her new abilities, they tried a number of ways. Not knowing, one of the scientists injected special fluent that ran through her veins and around her newly metal bones that travelled to her heart...when he would press the button her entire body would react, shocking her painfully throughout her body. Other scientist would just assume that it was the shock collar but just another one of the scientists crazy plans. (None of these scientists are really stable btw)  

Each press of the button would send electric bolts into her body, sending her into spasms... they would send new beasts into her cage and opponents to test her strength against. It didn't seem as effective on land, but out of several test her frighteness triggered her quills which also carried on the electrical current that travelled through her body...sticking and impaling the enemy and shocking them to death usually. It was questioned how their experiments have not yet killed her. They wanted to start bringing it up more... pushing their limits even if it meant losing their experiment they didn't only meant they could replicate it. They sent out one of their alien fish they had was massive and yet the tank was big enough to hold had been weeks...almost a month of this non stop. She didn't feel like fighting...she looked around the tank...there was no way out...or was there. Her mind suddenly clicked, if she was able to escape the Shifters she could escape these creatures! She had a plan...and by doing it she would do what they wanted...even if it meant severe pain from what was yet to happen. She dove into the water, it was more progress than they have seen of her! She barely made movements since her capture, and they were finally seeing the most of her! The button went off as her entire body was triggered...pain and all...the entire water became voltage , her body going crazy with spasms as the flow of electricity continuously flowing in and out of her body as it travelled into the water filling up the tank...frying the large carnivorous fish and having it slam into the walls of the tank, she shot out her quills as it helped to shatter the glass wall with force...soon a tank of electrical water poured out, electrocuting all of the scientist in the room. She stepped out of the tank...raging...her pain levels were off the rocket...but barely phasing her... her body had become so use to the pain she was numb from it. She had to get out of this room and fast, a security code was on the wall of a locked door...not knowing what to do with it she could see it was a hand symbol and took one of the scientist's hands and pressed it against seemed to read anyone who worked here. She walked out of the locked room...not able to think straight she tossed and thrown every creature that got in her way (human), she would even kill someone just by thinking she would be captured. She soon heard a loud noise go off...not able to understand it but soon realized it was a sound of a warning, she began to run...but the place was like a maze...every turn of a corner looked the same. Eventually she came to a door where she fell back into, it was clearly left open...
"You have no need to fear..." A woman came out with silverfish blue hair and a necklace...the yashumi girl was still naked as she stared up at her. The women knew she could not understand her, but instead took off her necklace to reveal who she truly was. The yashumi ghasped not ever seeing such magic! She looked like one of the people on her slave planet, (a Zerrath.) By doing what she had done, the yashumi was able to gain her trust easier. She walked up and held her,"I know you cannot understand me child...I promise you will never be harmed from hear on..." She held out her hand, helping her up. She offered her clothes, and helped dress her. She after brought her to a secret teleported, hidden in her lab, "Step through this gate...and you will find yourself in a new world." She used hand signals to show her, even though she could not understand. "NOW GO!" She shouted, shoving her into the gate and locking it up. She quickly put on her necklace as security bolted in...."WHAT IS THIS?! ANOTHER BREAK OUT!!!?? GET OUT OF HERE AND SOLVE IT YOURSELVES IM TRYING TO RESEARCH HERE!!!" She shouted as she shoved them out of her lab and locked the door.


She appeared in a city, New York to be exact. Crowds of people were staring at her...scaring her but not enough to unleash her quils. She simply stayed in a ball on the ground...she was going through so much she could barely take it anymore, she was just happy she was out of that place that women helped her escape from. Eventually a couple of men dressed in black walked in, not looking like she was harming anyone they simply asked what she was doing responses gave them the realization that she couldn't understand. They didn't want to make her feel threatened or certainly kill her, but tried to ask her to come with them. She could feel that they were a lot more concerning than other aliens she had come across, so she gave them her hand. Hoping that they could help her, her hand was slippery due to her species...slipping out of one of the men's hands so he grabbed her by her sleeved arm. They took her to the M.I.B headquarters after nueralizing all the people that crowded around her. She started to ease up a little more as she the threat signals began to go down, she felt safer here. She saw other alien species and the inhabitants of this new planet...all looked happy and greeted her with respect. They gave her a seat with another Man in black there to watch her, he needed to speak with one of the workers about her not being about to understand anyone. They had to put her through lessons before they could get any information out of her, all they knew was that she was brand new to this planet and her knowing absolutely nothing about this planet proved that it was indeed an accident coming here.
There was a special area made for teaching new alien species that come to this planet, but due to her incident with experiments that was all the room reminded her of, scaring her frequently as she would either try and run or go into a ball again crying. The men took her hand, trying to calm her ...for some reason the men in black made her feel she agreed to go into the room. Once she was in there she felt better seeing the other alien species happy to learn, but still no Yashumis. She never thought she would see her own kind again.

Over a course of months. She lived in the M.I.B headquarters and learned the English language slowly...she was getting better at understanding and began to treat this place as more her home, but was still slow with actually saying words and writing. But she was making progress. She was put through some test to see if her body was ok, and to examine her brain conditions. They were shocked to find out that her insides were made of metal and her heart was fake...they examined the heart, seeing that it was surprisingly better than a normal heart...and noticed that her blood had a special liquid in it powering up the fake one that seemed to due with electrical wave links....eventually she would slow down, while happening in testing they realized that it was actually the new blood stopping in her body which acted as her new life needed to be recharged to keep her body going. When she was told that she nodded...understanding and remembering what was done she told them to shock her...she said not to worry and just to do it...they looked at her and brought her a taser gun..she didn't know what it was but assumed it would do the trick and took it to herself and shocked her, immediately boosting her adrenaline to the point where she felt completely new again. The men were shocked and said if she did not mind they would like to put her through more test...and maybe eventually develop a way for her not to need that anymore. She was now at the stages of at least being able to understand and communicate. When her testing came, they asked her questions such as where she was from and how she got here, she said Xiu X5...the planet was unheard of and not even on the chart of planets they knew. When they asked how she got here a second time she said she took a ship from their planet which crashed...than she began to wheep...saying that she never wants to go back...she said it was an evil place, they didn't want to rush her with details of where that planet was , she could barely even speak of it... and still hasn't mentioned her visit to S.O.R.U.S.

As she began living at the headquarters, taking her classes and learning the human language...she began to understand more fluently. She made friends with the other species that stayed at the headquarters and had no place to go, some even worked with the M.I.B agents.

It was about the time that the agents saw what she really was capable of, when a spy from another planet in human disguise tried to assassinate someone...she caught them and spiked the attempted murderer with one of her quills from a distance. He was about to assassinate the head man of the M.I.B agency. They noticed it was one of her metal quills and saw the loaded weapon on him, she told them she saw him targeting one of the men here...shocked at who she said it was... they rewarded her. One of the agents that took her in from the beginning came up to her that day and told her that if she wanted she could come along with him as his temporary partner just so she can see more of the world, but it was more that he actually thought she could be useful. She felt happy and needed for the first time in a while, she took his offer. They showed her how to disguise herself on this planet and set her up with her new gear, gave her a suit and a tiny little cricket gun...along with her handy little taser whenever she needed it.

Weapons and fighting skills: (Any weapons she would carry have been given by the M.I.B)
Noisy Cricket (rookie weapon): is a very tiny gun with a lot of power. Despite its small size, it launches a large orb of energy.


Strength: 3
Speed: 9 (+2)
Dexterity: 5
Durability: 3
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 5 (+2)
Wisdom: 4 (+1)
Charisma:     2 (+1 (+2)  



Quils: Spikes (Quils) that layer the outside of the Yashumi body that is triggered for defensive purposes and when threatened they can lash out and impale the enemy.

Bladed Tail: This tail acts just like their very own weapon of defense, they rarely use it as an attacking method.

Unnatural powers due to experiments:

Electricity: She has the ability to conduct electricity through her body. Her body's organs , such as her heart have been replaced with a fake one that needs volts of electricity to fuel her instead of still takes in blood and other things that sustain the body but without electricity her body will power down.

Her body's need: She must recharge her body a little bit every day just to keep herself alive.

What she can do: There are a number of things she can do with electricity.

- She can produce the flow of electricity through her spines and shoot them at people.
-  Short circuit things/blow things up.
- take energy from others and/or objects.
- charge herself to the point of not feeling pain and giving her max energy to do the extremes.

Scars: Her body glows almost transparent like being that her body is much like a frog or salamander, when the electrical currents run through her veins she vibrantly glows.

Bonus Powers:

Weaknesses: Cannot overcharge in risk of a heart attack or completely shutting down her body. Must at times avoid water when electricly active or she could destroy everything around her that is in the water, being aquatic like she needs water but cannot if her body is creating electricity at the time.

Mentor: Ill leave that for you to decide

NPC/Sidekicks: Her M.I.B partner (you can decide who she gets)

Rp Sample:

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Mariza the Yashumi Empty Re: Mariza the Yashumi

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:43 pm

Ok several things I have to say 1st off I accept and will allow you to fill in the questions later.  

2nd there is only 40 or so points on the character 56 is what is supposed to be on a new character however you have a choice not to go any higher if you wish.

3rd im sorry but I have to tell you this but do you have a thing with naked pictures? I will be fine with it this time but please show some restraint in the future. Not that im a prude but this is the 3rd character that was drawn sexually and the 2nd that is straight up naked.

4th a bonus power you could have as you already mentioned it is the prehensile tail. No need to worry about this just telling you that you do already have a bonus power so that is what I count that tail as.

5th mentors for the mib I usually base on the character presented for agent m id say she is more like agent j so he would be a great role model lol.

6th Below is her MIB partner Agent H

Real Name: Henry Chapman
Fake Name: None
Current Alias: Agent H
Real Age: 79
Apparent Age: 59
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft, 8 in
Weight: 210 lbs
Alignment: Hero
Class: Men In Black (MIB)
Universe: Marvel
Nationality: American
Base Of Operations: MIB Headquarters
Occupation: Doctor (For the MIB)
Languages: Human
Appearance: See Below

Mariza the Yashumi 993tfm10

(Without Coat)

Mariza the Yashumi 993tfm11

Background: Agent H was one of the founders of the MIB Agency at which he was 29 at that time and had worked as an agent for 8 years. He was there when the Baltian landed and assisted them while keeping them secret to the public. Agent H is responsible for the medical equipment that MIB uses. At 39 he and his 1st partner had come across some aliens who were apparently doing scientific experiments illegally on humans in New York. During the attempt to stop these aliens Agent H brash partner had gotten both of them caught in an attempt to take down the head alien. The 2 were experimented on Agent H was injected with goo that artificially preserved his age making so that he would age at 1/2 the time of an actual human. He managed to escape his bonds and tried to help his partner but found that he did not survive the experiment and died upon injection. Taking down the aliens he would return to MIB worse for ware and went on vacation. After returning he had a new partner and a new mission. Since then he had several partners who seemed to come and go some aliens some humans. Most recently he had a human agent who was slain when a stray laser from a fight with an alien invader hit a propane tank near him and Agent H. Agent H survived but was shaken from the impact and was on leave again. When he came back he aw an alien saved Zed. He was intrigued when he saw it was one of the aliens he and his last partner saved on one of their missions. He offered her a spot as an MIB Agent which she agreed to. Being given the name Agent M her and Agent H now are partners tasked with dealing with aliens who invade or otherwise wind up in New York City occasionally traveling to other districts when the agents there are unable to deal with it.

Personality: He is a very caring soul who tries to care for any person who is injured be they human or alien. He has an iron will and a stern demeanor that he uses to intimidate enemies but those close to him know that it is all just bluster and the way he looks and in truth he is very kind. He tries to not fatally injure an enemy but when his hands are tied he will use his series 4 De-Atomizer that he keeps on hand to end a fight quickly and hopefully as painlessly as possible for his victim by blowing apart their head or going for areas that would cause instant death. To partners he shows great worry and care for given his past of losing agents. He will often ask his partners if they are injured and if so he would try to find time to do surgery on them.

Weapons and Fighting Skill: He is skilled in most of the MIB weapons and equipment but favors The standard Pistol and the Series 4 De-Atomizer. He is an expert with surgical tools and medical equipment. He has great knowledge of alien and human physiology to the point where he can successfully do surgery on any known alien race.


Strength: 6
Speed: 6
Dexterity: 7
Durability: 6
Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: 8

Powers: The only notable power he has is the fact that his aging has slowed.

Bonus Powers: None

Weaknesses: The Weaknesses of being a human of overweight nature.

Mentor: Agent K
NPC's/SideKicks: Agent M

RP Sample: Agent M would be getting harassed by a drunk patron while on disguise and trying to draw in a hidden alien invader who was masquerading as a human. Agent H would approach the guy and say "Sir. I think you have had enough to drink today. You should go sit down with your friends over there and leave the lady alone." The guy would get mad and say "What! you asking me to leave old man!" lifting up his hand to strike Agent H who would grab the guy and say "I didn't ask. I was giving you a warning. One you did not heed." Agent H would then punch out the drunk and go walking past Agent M not saying a word. After Agent M found the guy a chase happened and it ended up with Agent M pointing her gun at the alien who was now in his real identity and holding a hostage. The alien invader would say "Stay back or this human dies." licking the hostages face afterwards which made the woman cringe. Agent H would walk up behind the alien invader and point his standard handgun at his head saying "Now I would not recommend you do that sir as that would give me every reason to blow your head off execution style. What do you say we let the lady go and we take care of this at MIB Headquarters." The alien invader would drop the girl and Agent H would put away his gun and ready his handcuffs. The alien would then turn and try to fire upon Agent H who in response would aim and fire his weapon into the aliens arm knocking him on his ass and forcing him to drop his gun by Agent M's foot Agent H would then say "Guess you don't listen either. Don't worry you will live but now I have to heal that arm of yours before we can ship you into the holding cells. Had you listened you might not have been in the pain your in now." He would cuff the alien and proceed to get him into the car with Agent M saying "Are you ok M? If your hurt I will take care of you at Headquarters." the two would drive off towards headquarters stopping near the hostage and opening their window Agent H saying "Excuse me miss would you look at my pen I think its out of ink but I cant see with these new lenses." As she approached he would activate the neutralizer and proceed to go back to Headquarters.

Finally 7th do the RP sample when your ready. Im fine waiting lol and I can see her personality very well with the personality post you gave already.

Oh almost forgot where do you want mission do you want this character to be in there is the Stark Tower mission, the Avengers Academy mission, and The Cube mission your team would be tasked with dealing with whatever incident is there.

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