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Nyako *Updated*

Post  Nightmare696 on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:35 pm

Real Name: Nyako (Meow child)
Fake Name: None
Current Alias: Currently none
Real Age:18
Apparent Age: 20
Weight: 125lbs

Alignment: Anti-hero
Class: Xmen
Nationality:Canadian, other is unknown by not knowing her parents.
Language: English, none other since she only knows of people both human and mutant.


(When I began drawing her this is how it came out, don't know how strict you are with nudity so i jst censored some parts Razz)

Common clothing worn -

Fighting outfit - Her honorary Xmen uniform. (coming soon!) 

Background: Her story begins the moment she was big enough to be shown through an ultrasound in her mother's womb. By having the mutant X gene on the more physical side, her parents were able to receive the news at the earliest of terms, with her elongated hairless tail floating inside, which showed on the screen. Her parents having no heart at all couldn't deal with her "problem" and decided to give her up for adoption if anyone would take her, and ended up trying for another child sometime after.

Nyako, (what she decided to call herself at a young age) ended up growing up in an orphanage, where she had to live with cruel non mutant children that made her life a living hell, where she watched children leave with new families while she just watched time pass her with no one to love or call family. Around the age of 8 was when she learned to toughen up from the constant bullying and eventually stopped caring what others thought of her was when she decided to name herself something that made her feel special, "Nyako", a name she picked up from a japanese child that often called her that...she looked it up on the computers curious on what it meant, it came up as meaning "meow child" and she liked it. She decided to stick with that name ever since. As Nyako got older, the tougher she became. She eventually lost all care for non mutants or of what she knew in the orphanage, (not coming across or learning what an actual mutant is till after) when it came to bullying...she didn't care, she would in fact come to being to much of a threat to the children, by getting up in their faces intimidatingly...she often enjoyed this.

At 18, she was ordered to leave the Orphanage, with her having no where else to go... they simply didn't care. It was legal to have them sent out at that age and of course with her being a mutant, they could care less where she went. Being a mutant was hard enough in this world, she was unable to get a job and ended up stealing and trespassing for a decent place to stay to get through life. She lived on the streets, and carelessly broke into places to sleep or live illegally for a while until she was caught. Police were usually scared when she swatted their weapons out of their hands with her extremely long tail and exposed her massive claws, she was a very threatening character and she lived by this.

Her life is no different today...as the lone cat girl roams the city.


Fighting Skills:All she has is her growing giant claws that can cut through the hardest of items. She can use her long flexible tail to pick things up, take/whip weapons off of enemies, even strangle or hold someone up if she wanted to. She is extremely flexible, just like a cat...she can run a long and climb up anything she is so well balanced and is very crafty, sneaky and quick.

Stats: (56/56)

Strength: ★★★★★★ 6
Speed:★★★★★★★★★★ 10 (+2)
Dexterity:★★★★★★★★★★★ 11
Durability:★★★★★★ 6
Constitution:★★★★★★ 6
Intelligence:★★★★ 4
Wisdom:★★★★ 4 (+2)
Charisma: ★★★★ 4

Powers: Superhuman Agility, teleportation and if you count her claws that grow in size and are unbelievably tough.

Weaknesses:She can easily be accessed by telepaths, she is not invulnerable she can still take regular damage if hit.

Mentor: Officially Wolverine

NPC/Sidekicks: None

Rp Sample: Do they really think their actions intimidate me? Again, cops give me crap when I`m just trying to have some peace. Breaking an entry? Trespassing?... I don`t see anyone living in this apartment...Don`t I have any say in this at all? No...never...all because I`m different in their eyes. Well to me, they are the true freaks.

I stared out the open window of the apartment, about three or four police vehicles were parked out front with more police standing outside armed with guns...one of which held a microphone, shouting up at me ``Come down slowly, if you do not proceed now...we will take you down by force!`` I sighed, rolling my eyes... It was the same old, same old... they look at me like I`m some sort of monster, never understanding me as a person, never giving me a chance.
``Fine...`` I muttered as I looked down at them, I immediately teleported in front of the officer with the microphone. ``I repeat! If -!`` The officer ended by falling over on his back, dropping the microphone on the ground. ``Wha-wha!!?`` He panicked. The other police officers around him immediately took aim, I could here the triggers of their weapons being pulled back as they prepared to fire, I could see their hands shaking on the trigger.
``Why can`t you just give me some peace for once in my life?`` I simply said, they said nothing as they stared at me with these alarmed looks. ``Ju-just surrender now so we can do this easy...we - we want no trouble.`` I laughed, ``right...well I`m sorry you people have such poor judgment about us mutants...`` I spoke seriously, knowing most mutants were lucky enough to get away hiding their powers. They continued to keep their weapons locked on me, watching for any sudden movements.
``Pfft...this is sad...this is wasting my time. I`d like to see the time when your dumb laws finally come to accept mutants...physical looking or not...`` I continued to stare at the people aiming at me.
I sighed again as I heard the triggers pull back further. I began to raise my tail, ``STAY BACK!!! LOWER THAT TAIL!!!``Yelled the cop, ``STAY BACK!!``Yelled another, I began to move closer...really not caring about their useless threats.
``I SAID STAY BACK!!!!`` Yelled the last, this must of been the final draw...the second I heard the *bang!* sound from their many guns I immediately reacted to teleporting, appearing onto one of the lower buildings near the area.
``Hey, up here! Why don`t you all worry about what`s really important like the sick non mutant fuckers like yourselves that are causing the real crimes here!!!`` I laughed, ``Oh and by the way! If there are any mutants on the force I hope they come out and realize what bastards you truly are...just like all you normal boring pieces of shit!! I hope you get whats coming to you someday!!``
I than ran from the building, about to teleport somewhere they would`nt see me and ran off throughout the city.

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