Sorry for my absence & i have a question concerning my characters

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Sorry for my absence & i have a question concerning my characters

Post  Nightmare696 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:12 pm

Im soo sorry :/ im slowly getting back into it.... as u can probably tell ive been focusing more on Loz atm, but thats only because my characters are in missions that are very close to an end & i just want to finish them. I want to finish a lot of missions so i can jst start small again, i guess all the forums sort of overwhelmed me.

First it was lozwars, than fate eternity (seriously need to get back on tht to O_O sry eric), than marvel/dc , elder scrolls and sonic. (now sonic is rly my fault its not even big n i love my characters tht, its jst again...being uninspired Sad)

anyways slowly getting back into things.


Now heres where i get to the question about my characters. This also concerns missions if you don't mind.
I want to focus in just xmen until the mission is over and i want to further develop Nyako as my main character here. I still will continue the missions with my demons, i will post in both tonight actually Im sorry for that. And that mission with my vampire and eric's demon hunter...i dunno if thats working since he isnt posting, should we jst shut that one down or let someone else take over? Ill worry about my vampire later when actual night missions r involved. Smile I just honestly think it will be better, in fact nothing happened yet xD i wanna start over with her LOL

So yea, that is all XD

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